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Part 25: Tactical Espionage Ranching

Part 25

We got limbless Rambo [April 30th, 1005|11:42 pm]

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Well, I got a new monster. He's an odd one, that's for sure. But I'll get to that soon. First, we visited the monster shrine.

Why hello, Colt. What brings you here today?

Loongear killed our monster.

HEY! I didn't kill Rash. I neglected it. There's a world of difference.

So we need a new monster now.

All right, let me just take a look at the disc you brought me. Hmm, Metal Gear Solid? That's not a banned disc, so I think I can run it for you.

Please be a giant walking nuclear tank. Please be a giant walking nuclear tank. PLEASE be a giant walking nuclear tank.




FUCK is that thing supposed to be?

It looks like a gaboo, but the camouflage is a new one to me.

So what am I going to register its name as?

Well, he looks like a giant turd, so...


Thank you, I try. I really do. I even have a little notepad full of names for situations like these.

...Ok then.

Once he settled into his new home, Solid Waste sprouted arms and proceeded to do 100 reps of push-ups. At least he seems disciplined. While Solid was busy training himself, I looked over the papers Chaille gave me.

He seems pretty strong, to say the least. But there's something I just don't trust about this little fellow.

I think it's the fact that he never stops undulating. It's unsettling, yet hypnotic.

I'm going to go back to watching Solid throb for a few hours. You guys decide what I should train him up with in the meantime.