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Part 28: Hot Cup of Training

Part 28

He's getting out of control [Apr 12th, 1006|5:10 pm]

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My morning began to the sounds of Solid clapping. He's been training himself again.

I wouldn't care too much about that, except that he isn't terribly good at it. I wanted to talk to Colt about the discipline problem, but she was busy dipping into our food stash, opening every cup of jelly we had.

...How many lids did you open?

Let's see... Um, about 32.

Okay. And how many diamond marks did you collect?


Wonderful. Just wonderful. You do realize you're going to have to eat all that jelly by yourself, right?

What?! But why!?

Because I said so.

You're not my real dad!

She then threw one of the last remaining unopened cups at my head as I locked her in the storage room. It was down to just me and Solid now. I decided to try going back to the chosen training plan, and see if we could improve his aim a little.

The bird still lives, but otherwise I'd say it was a success. I don't need an assistant at all! So long as Solid doesn't sprout legs and run away, we should be able to take care of business without that annoying brat.

This would be less painful if Solid didn't insist on hooting as he ran around the ranch. But if he wants to run around so badly, then let's see how he handles running away from a big rock.

Thinking he might be dead and in need of disposal, I let Colt out of the storage closet. After sulking around a bit, she went to check up on Solid.

He's fine. Just playing dead. I think he didn't like that course.

I don't care what he wants! Listen here, Solid Waste. You're MY monster and you'll do what I say! Got it?!

Oh boo friggin' hoo. Get the boulder ready!

While I was pleased by the results, I couldn't help but notice how Solid kept glaring at me. He couldn't be holding a grudge, could he?

I didn't have time to consider it further, as we just got an errantry coupon. I think we need to send Solid off on a little field trip. We just have to decide where.

So... Where do you think I should send him?