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Part 3: Walk It Off

Part 3

Desert Bust [May 4th, 1000|7:01 pm]

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[Current Music| Colt singing some stupid Japanese pop song]

Colt read an article once that said singing to plants when you water them helps them grow. She thinks it applies to ape-plants too, so she won't stop singing off-key in some language I don't understand. Maybe I need to take up drinking. But before I do, I suppose I should let you know what happened at the errantry.

By popular choice, I decided to send El Sucko to the Mandy Desert. The errantry guy, uh, Errow? He gave me a bunch of photos of the wild monsters in the area. One of them was a plate. I really don't get how that thing could possibly be a threat, but what do I know? Since we couldn't be there to watch El Sucko on the course, Errow (Even if that isn't his name, I'll just call him that) sent us weekly reports.

Our first trial at Mandy is to have your monster survive a series of sandstorms that come from within the 'Sandy Mandy Sand Dunes'. I apologise for the name, as that it something I personally have no control over at this time.

Your monster's center of gravity is most amazing. It survived the storms as if they were light breezes on the glade. The first trial was passed with flying colours. It also gained some extra strength.

To pass this week's course, your monster is required to awaken our resident sleeping camel. I take great pride in stating that our sleeping camel rests soundly without any medicinal or magical aid of any kind; he is extraordinarily lazy.

"El Sucko" managed to beat our camel into consciousness, after 3 days of slapping it almost non-stop. It also simply might have been hungry, as it walked towards the grazing oasis. Regardless, your monster was able to pass, and gained a little more strength.

The third of our trials involves this dried oasis. We had our strongest golem plug up the pond's water source with a very large rock. It is the trainee's task to remove that plug.

Once again, "El Sucko" passed with flying colours.

The final test was to survive an ant lion attack. The ant lion started without us, so we were unable to begin with the proper amounts of pomp. I do apologise for that.

Though he did put up a good fight, your monster was unable to fell the antlion. We have returned him to you in the box attached to this letter.

Oh no you don't! He'll walk it off.

Are you insane?! You don't "walk off" an ant lion attack on a newborn monster!

Trust me, he'll walk it off.

If you say so. I just hope my first aid training and plant care guides will be enough.

And so, Colt would sing to him every night. It's been getting annoying, but I'm sure El Sucko will recover shortly.

It wasn't my fault! [May 26th, 1000|9:45 pm]

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[Current Music| The Liberal Arts Majors - Tears of Blood on My Satin Pillow]

El Sucko came back from the hospital a little while ago. It turns out walking was only making his injuries worse. My little league coach lied to me again.

But still, with my monster now healed, we are able to put him on various training drills. Most of the listed drills are pretty obvious, but I'll explain them anyway: Domino raises a monster's strength. Shoot brings up his accuracy. Studying makes him smarter. Dodging helps him, uh, dodge. Running makes him healthier and improves his life. And Endure can toughen up his defense. The other 4 choices affect a whole bunch of stats positively and negatively, and I don't really care about those right now.

Since winning battles involves hitting things, Colt decided we should start with a little strength training. I think she's taking advantage of my medical condition. I should write a letter.

He didn't kill the toucan, but he managed to make a good start. As I looked for a rock to finish the job El Sucko started, Colt ran up to me wielding a rolodex.

There's an official tournament this week!

Oh, ok. So you want a day off to see it?

No! I mean, it's the Official E Cup. Registration is open for all low-level monsters.

I- um... Oh god. I'll be right back.

Take your time! I know you'll make the right decision.

Oh god I'm going to vomit.

Guys, what do I do!? I'm so screwed here. I can't even find a coin to toss. Do I send him or not? Here, I managed to scan a copy of Colt's training record for El Sucko. Maybe it'll help your decision.