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Part 20: The Five-Man Band Is Complete

2Yr. 5Mo. 2Wk.

Hey, news travels fast in Togle! Cesare stopped by to congratulate me on successfully navigating that maze of bullshit.

Oh, and to mention that he'd called Yu in to do some renovation. Free of charge again, much to my surprise--not that I'm complaining! I deserve my own bathroom after all of this.

Now that we can attend events in Ryuwn, the calendar of events is looking a bit fuller. Not full enough for all three of my monsters to make their bid for the top in the next three months (oh, did I forget to mention? The last official tournaments came and went during all that bullshit), but I can try to promote two of them. I picked Chucky, because he's overdue for a promotion, and iScream, because Natsu can't be ready in time due to schedule conflicts with Chucky.

They say that, before you die... you see the swing.

Yu stopped by the week after to do some lightning-fast ranch renovation. I don't know how Yu does it, and frankly? Even if it involves genies and pots somehow, I don't care.

I spent the time in a hotel in town. Made the mistake of visiting the harbor, though. Ran into this freak again.

Before I knew it, the construction was done. Unfortunately, the weather was crappy, so I didn't get a good shot of the house. Trust me, though, it's pretty sweet. I even have cable now, TV and Internet! Sweet, precious nectar of life.

With more space come more monsters. I've collected some Saucer Stones from the various expeditions I've been on, and I took the liberty of asking my fellow goons which one I should use. A short trip to Cesare's later, I came home with this:

Pretty cool-looking, huh? I named him Titan. I also indulged myself and went digging through my older collection of Saucer Stones to see if I could find a Pancho, or something similar. And it turns out I had one!

Funnily enough, he's got a Beaklon subtype. I named him Gourdon.

Back at the ranch, I realized I needed to rethink my training regimens; there just isn't enough room on the training gadgets for five monsters to go at it. So I decided on the following changes:
With this in mind, I've declared a day of rest for the whole ranch so everyone would be fit to start the new regime next week.

It's been a while since I've shown you their stats, hasn't it? Well, here you go.

Anyway, I'm off to the Togle Caves to get some adventuring in. I'll keep you up to date as always!

Hmm, the Kalaragi Jungle isn't available any more. Curious...