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Part 7: Episode 7: Phallic Birthday Cakes

Oh boy. More visitors.

Instead of a tie, he has a white stripe from his collar.

My name's Ross. I'm a breeder, too. And a cowboy, and part-time handsome foil.

I heard you've got a rising star here, so I came to check things out.

Hey, wait. That makes you our rival, right?

Yeah. A really strong one, too!

Strong and cute...

Hahaha! By the way, has Goatbone gone on errantry yet? A breeder hasn't lived until he's gone on errantry!


Yes, really! Searching out unknown items, exploring uncharted territory... Fighting wild monsters, solving mysteries, you name it!

Are we done with the new wacky character yet?

Anyway, it'll be fun running into you on errantry or in battle sometime! Take care!

I haven't shot myself over a bad game yet, but this is starting to tempt me.

Moving on to actual gameplay, I pumped up Diabetes' power. In between small successes, we had lots of this:

Which means lots of panda beatings.

Don't remind me... This sounds very familiar.


No you didn't! Not only is that not original, it's copyright! I'm going to owe money because of you!

I woke up one morning, and found this attached to a rock on my chest signed Squidtamer DA

Yeah, he looks ecstatic.

Whatever. Fine. Let's move on. Here's Diabetes' stats. Should we continue with power or move on to a different plan?