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Part 24: Episode 24: The Money Shot

There are 2 final things you can do once you've cleared all the retardation. The first is fight 12 supermonsters at random errantries, which we will never do. Screw that. The other is if you have a Hare, Golem, Tiger or Suezo, you get a special visitor...

I see. Hootie, is it?

Hoot hoot!

No way! Can you understand what Hootie says?

Haha! A little.

Wow! It took me 5 years to understand him! Oh, and I don't think we've met.

So it is you! This is incredible!


What is a legendary breeder like you doing in a place like this?

I heard the sounds of a familiar monster that brought back memories, so I came by.

No, not that. And it doesn't even make a sound. Why would you think that? What is wrong with you?

A familiar monster? You mean Harvey.EXE?

Uh-huh. And it seems to be well taken care of.

Well, we're pretty tough though, aren't we Goatbone?

Hahaha! I'd like to stop by again sometime, if you don't mind.

5 minutes later...

Oh, hi Miss Holly! Did you say a summer's gift?

And so we are thrust into combat against Holly's pet Hare.

Even Sapphire's out of ideas by this point.

I guess we got ham. Why wasn't I told we had ham?

At any rate, in this tournament you fight Holly's version of whatever one of the four monster breeds you raised. Since Harvey.EXE is a hare, we're fighting Holly's hare.

And then we beat Holly's hare.

Once you beat Holly, the game quietly unlocks a new feature. You can now select Holly as an assistant from the Breeder menu, and she will replace Cleo with all the assistant-related dialogue. Colt isn't unlockable, which is just as well since I hate her and it would get weird on a monster's birthday.

If you choose Holly, all that changes is the sprite. All the dialogue remains the same, and since all the plot events are over, you don't get any new Holly-specific things. It's still kind of a neat touch.

So with Holly back as my assistant, we have come full-circle on Monster Rancher LPs as this game finally comes to a close. I hope you have enjoyed this expert strategy guide on Super Lobster Muncher.