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Part 73: Gunning down the Official D Cup

Can't we just gun everyone in the stadium down from here?


Why not?

Because it has to be official.

But won't we be the de-facto officials if we kill them all?

I'm afraid not.

Damn it.

The opening dinosaur came charging out of the gate. It had its game face on, and was ready to rock n' roll with the best of the best until there was only one left standing when the dust settles and the smoke clears in this house on the shoulders of giants.

If this were a spelling bee, Francis would fucking rock the house. Good thing he's good at lots of other stuff, too.

Such as automatic weapons training.

Jurassic Park would have been a much shorter film if everyone had machine guns. Unless the dinosaurs had guns, too. Then it would be the best film in the history of mankind.

Next up was fat rock doggy. I am seriously considering starting a side project of a canine weight loss center, considering just how many fat dogs I've killed over the years.

Francis decided to help me in my doggy health plan by taking some of the weight off of his opponent.

...He just happened to pick a vital part of its body to lighten.

Please tell me you aren't going to keep that as another mask.

Don't be silly.

Oh, phew.

I'm going to mount it on the hood of my car.

Oh my goodness, this is going to be a quick match.

Yep. Quick match. I swear, Suezos were made to be killed like ants in a gas fire.

Next up was a golem, who... Wait, something isn't quite right here.

Much better.

I noticed the guards didn't even try restraining you when you hopped the stands this time.

I built up an immunity to tasers over the years. But you know what I don't have an immunity to?

Bullets. And apparently neither does this golem.

Next up was yet another ninja dinosaur. Ninjas can dodge bullets, so the machine gun is useless here.

Well, almost useless. But still, it wasn't enough to finish the job.

And so, Francis pulled out a move I taught him by playing Street Fighter II instead of walking him.


And we air guitared all the way home.

And now that he's C Rank, we can send him off to the good training courses!

Awesome, so let's get him started with-

Oh fucking hell.

Nice to see you too!

Where are you going to this time?

Titus! Again! I know we robbed that place blind last time, but I want to go back there for some reason. Think you guys can lend Francis?

I don't know, can we?