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by Raiad

Part 1

After finishing my Secret of the Stars thread, I decided to do a game that was at least on some levels, if not most levels, decent. This game is the original Mother, or the Earthbound that somehow never made it to America, despite having been pretty much completely localized. From what I have heard, somehow the prototype was put on the market and purchased by someone who made a rip so that we can all enjoy this game.

Anyone that read my last thread can be assured- despite the quality of the game being dramatically better, the quality of my humor and originality are still completely horrible. However, unless something happens and I somehow get a life, this thread will likely see it's end.

This man really needs to make more games. Really.

Much like in the sequel, this game starts by letting you name all of your characters.

Our main character. From what I have heard, his "default" (the game doesn't have a default option) is either "Ninten" or "Boku."

Much like the original Earthbound, he mostly gets stat-up and healing abilities. In this one, I'm pretty sure he doesn't get ANY direct offense PSI, and even his healing PSI is not as good as our next character's.

Female lead, we won't be seeing her until much later. Her "default" name is Ana. Like in the sequel, she gets all sorts of burning, freezing and zapping PSI, but she also gets healing in this one.

Much like Jeff in what we get, Loid as I have heard his name to be is a smart person with no PSI, but the ability to use some tools. He doesn't have nearly as much fun stuff as Jeff does, however, if memory serves.

Breaking the pattern, we have Teddy, who is NOT an archetype seen in Mother 2. He actually gets no PSI, but is VERY strong physically.

Finally, we have favorite food, even though we don't get "favorite thing." Please, no "cunt," "ass," "dick," or anything along those lines.

After all the names are set, we have the back story, which I will skip ahead to in an attempt to at least have SOME content to this post...

And so we have it. This is the only naming sequence I can remember offhand, and probably the only interaction that we even get in this game, making this more of a "Watch me play" thread than a "let's play," but it gives people some look into the game we got in Non-Japan, without all of the Dragon Quest-style grinding.