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by Raiad

Part 2

How I managed to go all this time without even knowing about this hack is rather surprising, but hell yeah! I will be using it, and if it doubles EXP, hell, it almost makes it pointless to do the thread.


A small difference in the opening thing there...

When in doubt, take names from what everyone said, even though I am destroying at least one plan by doing so.

The quest starts with our hero sitting on a chair, with no indication of what I am supposed to do. But first...

The menus are quite similar to the Dragon Quest games. Most of this game is, as Earthbound would be later.

This is our hero right now. Telepathy doesn't have much use, but there are certain times where you have to use it.

As I head for the door...

We have our first battle. With a lamp. This is a pretty straight foward battle, which is good considering that Peter has no equipment, special abilities, or healing items at this point.

After Peter destroys his luminous foe, we head downstairs, the house shaking as hard as an 8 bit house can! Perhaps his parents can help, or maybe he can escape!

Oh my! What is going on? I wish your father were here now...

At this time, a phone begins to ring, and the ominous music playing stops.

Oh, It's the phone. Peter, please get it for me.

So I go, as the house violently shakes and threatens to kill everyone in it, and answer the phone.

This is your dad. Was it a poltergeist? I'm not exactly sure how to say this...
Your great-grandfather studied PSI. There is something in the basement that might help you. I left the basement key somewhere...
But I can't remember where...
I'm sure you can find it somewhere. Now you must embark on a great adventure and explore your powers. Do not take your powers lightly Peter. Go for it!

But remember to come back and check on your family. Bye.

Oh... call me and I'll save your progress. Call me whenever you want. (Click! Beep-beep...)

The sheer useless of his parents at this point will surely turn young Peter into a mall goth later on in life. For now, however, he goes back upstairs, as leaving the house isn't an option, with his mom blocking the door and all.

One lamp thrashing later...

We move on to the last room...

Note the doll in the corner there is shaking. There is a tasteless joke to be made here, be we will skip that for now.

Slightly tougher than the lamps, I am able to beat it fairly easily. Between all three battles, I lost 10 of 30 HP. After this fight...

Naturally, I check.

This will be recurring thing. The reason will be explained later.

After hearing the melody, I leave the house, to embark on my big adventure. First, however, I must find the basement key.

Using the "check" option in the menu...

Well, that was easy enough.

Much like in Earthbound, talking to your mom gets you favorite meal and a night's sleep. Talking to your sister allows you to store things with her. Unfortunately, there is no Escargo Express in this one, so I have to come back here in order to do so.

This is a small area- there are rats here, but nothing major as far as enemies go. I collect all of the stuff that is here.

This is a very important item, but it will be a little while before we can use it.

Our first weapon...

And some Bread. In this game, you can eat bread, or use it as an item. Eating it recovers HP, but using it creates a trail of crumbs. By using the crumbs, you can go back to the head of the trail.

Now that that is done, we finally leave the house and go south.

Yep, these guys are in this game as well, and this particular hippy knocks me down to 3 hp before I beat him. My trip from the house was rather short lived.

But I can't let you travel on an empty stomach. I'll cook you some pie. Eat your dinner and scoot up to bed

Letting her son eat pie as dinner may prevent Peter's transformation to Mall Goth.

And so, I leave again, hoping not to get assaulted by another Hippy, who happens to not be of the New Age Retro variety.