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by Raiad

Part 6

I am such a lazy asshole.

So, where I last left off, I managed to get to a new area. This place doesn't have anything particularly exciting as far as enemies go, mostly more endangered animals like eagles and cougars.

Eventually, after heading north long enough...

A new town- Merrysville. The building in front of me is a school.

A bit of talking around inside...

Well, we have some shameless plugs...

Someone who gives me a cold, which I have to go to a hospital to treat...

Something that I probably don't want to know about...

... Not touching this.

After talking to everyone in the school, I go back to the person who said come back later. Inside, I find a man. The janator to be exact.

Sounds reasonable.

That bitch!

Quite so!

Damn straight! Drop that gold digging bitch! I know you can do better!


Good sir, I see this in your future-

Remember, he just wanted our opinions, not our advice! With that in mind, I start the conversation over again, this time saying "no" to the horrible wife thing.

I feel something resembling pity for the poor fool, and I accept his request.

We start walking automatically. On the way, he has this to say.

Now it all makes sense!

While your there, be sure to take in the view. It is unforgettable.

So he goes off, probably to post in GBS. Meanwhile, I have a melody to find and psychic powers to explore, and I am long overdue for a sidekick. I go upstairs.

The trash can is shaking, so I check it out. Or rather, I "talk" to it.

I won't tell. That way, I might actually live to regret it later instead of dying soon.

This can't possibly go wrong. With that in mind, I decide to postpone what may be the biggest mistake that Peter could ever make by going back to Magicant with the onyx hook. This time I bring money so I can buy a Gold Ring, a Magic Coin and an Earth Pendant.

Sure now I'm broke, but I am also an unstoppable force of destruction now. So screw it. Then I go to check something that Endrion mentioned earlier...

I forgot about this, but he acts as an ATM. Which would have made Magicant a cakewalk.

On the other hand, something I DID know about, but didn't go over due to my laziness...

Handy, but I almost never use healing items in any game unless that is the only way to heal.

Anyways, after fighting my way out of Magicant again, I make my way to Sweet's factory, south of town.

This place is kind of boring, and I wish I put off going to Magicant until after I went here, because the only enemies here are rats. There are quite a few items, but with no real space to put them, I leave most of the stuff behind. One thing I DO get however...

Sweet. Well, I head back to the school to give Rowlf his explosives.

Right. Because making explosives in a shool lab is always a smart idea! Then again, this WAS before school shootings became a huge thing.

First it's stealing from a school lab, and now he's going to play with missiles. This can't possibly end well.

Really, Peter, run away now, or you will be put on "the list."

One screen flashing later...

Well, that didn't go so well, but at least no one was hurt!

Well, now that I destroyed the school lab, we hastily run out and get ready to go to the Duncan factory. Will our heroes' wave of destruction ever end? Only time will tell.