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by Raiad

Part 5

I forgot to talk to a couple of people here, so the "song" that the Queen kind of came out of nowhere.

Like she's punishing a brat, she shouts,
"I'm Scared! I'm Scared!"
And then, she starts to sing... just a little bit. Then she forgets the tune, and wakes up in a sweat. I wonder what happened to do this to her?

Now, most of the stuff in the castle is fairly useless. One room however, has good stuff.

If you open one of the boxes, all of them are opened, so you only get one of six gifts. The one in the box was a boomerang, which is VERY helpful in this part of the game. Everything else is a consumable item, and while there is a fight capsule among them, the Boomerang is most useful right now.

One other interesting thing about this place- behind the castle...

So let me tell you about the types of enemies we fight here.

This guy sucks. By himself, he is powerful, but no more so than most of the enemies in this area. However, notice that he is slightly off center. This is because he summons Sky Yddet.

Granted this also kills the Sky Yddet, but this game has no rolling HP meter. If it had been Peter that he kamikaze'ed, I would have lost horribly. So, if you see a Sky Yddet, I hope you have 4th D Slip, or you are probably going to die. By the way, that sequence...

With his strength regained, Peter returned once more to the fighting scene. Do your best, Peter!


These don't call for help, (I was trigger happy here) but they have an absurdly high defense. If you don't have the boomerang or offensive PSI (which Peter won't ever get), it is unlikely that you will be able to beat them unless you are at a high level.

These guys, on the other hand, DO call for help. They can also cause a character to space out, which is bad with low defense.

These are all fairly similar. They are also among the weakest enemies in this area. Mom's Eyes are the worst, having two attacks. Dad's can raise it's offense. I never let the Watchers or the Four Eyes live long enough to see what they can do to me.

And these guys. I hope this is what everyone was talking about, but if not, I can always come back. After all, this place has the only defense equipment, there is no ATM that I know of and I had 25 dollars at the time.

So wierd...

These are the exploding enemy types that we all know and love/hate. Like I said, no rolling HP meter, so these can be bad. THey can also "dehydrate" a character for a large loss of offense and defense.

At teh very least, they have PK Thunder alpha. I seem to remember something about them that makes me feel that I should fear them, but I can't remember it off hand and I didn't give these guys a chance to remind me in any case.

Now, with that out of the way...

The one in front of me is the only one you can enter.

There are several rooms in here identical to this one- you end up at a dead end in most of them. One of them has a magic herb. The correct sequence is Right, Left, Left, and Right.

One thing of note...

Honestly, I can't remember for the life of me what this does. A little bit further, I find a hole. As soon as I try to enter it...

The worst enemy here, even after I use PSI Defense up he does two attacks at 10 hp each. No matter, it still only takes two hits with my boomerang and, by now, rather high level to beat him. Inside the hole...

Now, this is useful. However, there is a catch- it teleports me TO Magicant, but not OUT OF Magicant, meaning every time I use this, I have to fight my way out again. By now, with all of the stuff I've fought trying to catalogue everything, they won't be much of a problem. Barring a Sky Yddet mishap. At the end of the cave...

There is a smiley in each break where I have to talk to him again.

I am not. Maybe you wouldn't be either, if you just stopped whining for a moment, you emo bitch.


Well, that out of the way, I go through the door he was blocking with his angst.

... well, I'm back. Technically. But not back to where I left from.

Sorry about the somewhat short and quite late update, I have no excuse. I will get more done as soon as I can. Until then, I leave off in a new area.