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by Raiad

Part 4

As I left off, Peter was given orders to go to the zoo and fix the problem with the animals. And so, this boy, somewhere between the ages of 8 and 12, is going to be fighting hoards of insane animals. So, I start heading for the zoo, which is north of town. Along the way, I find a bridge to the next town.


That is by the order of the mayor.
Psst... by the way kid, they might let you cross the bridge northeast of the zoo.

I'm going to guess that they won't, at least until I fix the problems at at the zoo. Continue heading north...

(Can you tell I really hate these bastards?)

Hey, monkeys are usually helpful, right?


Well, the obly thing to do is head inside. We have lots of new friends, including...

Really weak, but they can call for help. You can tell which enemies call for help in this game by their placement on the screen. If they are by themselves and are not in the center, then you can be sure that you will be in that fight for the next couple of hours.

Also pretty weak, they usually come in larger numbers, but are not much of a threat.

These, guys on the other hand, can be quite nasty. If they spend the turn "approaching slowly", their next attack is going to do around 20-25 damage. Considering Peter's max HP is 64, this can be a bad thing. In many cases in this game, running is not a very good idea if you can kill the enemies quickly. This is one of those occasions.

They can attack twice a round for 10 or so HP each, so these are also kind of dangerous.

They have a high critical rate, so these can also be dangerous.

Finally, these guys have a lot of HP, so this battle can last a while.

There are animals here that didn't escape.

Even though there are no koalas here, I still can't help but think about that essay... "Koalas ain't hard, they little bitches."

The last thing of note here...

After fighting though the endangered species list, we finally get to the office...

Another fairly short "dungeon," there are some items here- a Rope (to tie up enemies), Life-up cream, and an Antidote.

Our first "boss." This guy is a little tough. I managed to use Defense up right before he SMAAAAASH-ed me, and it still did thirty damage. He also uses PK Beam alpha, which does 30 damage. Finally...

Good thing, too. That probably would have instantly killed me if I didn't have it. After that, he ran out of PP, so he could only attack. He didn't crit me again, so attacks were at around 10 HP. Eventually, he fell to my sport-stick of doom.

And so, victory is mine. Before I leave the zoo...

And now, we have three tunes.

So, now it's time to head north, for great justice. But first, I go to the mayor's office about something in return for this quest.

Yeah, The mayor sucks. Greatly. Poor Peter is going to be a VERY angsty teenager by the end of this quest.

Well, now that we have accomplished that, we continue north in order to get to the next town.

Cops are such a pain. Well, now they are out of my way, so I can continue onwards.

The trail ends with a cave...

And the cave ends with a... thing. I "check" it.

This is one of those situations where you use Telepathy.

That was rather sudden.

This place is all sorts of wierd and wacky.

What kind of psychic would I be if I couldn't?

I accept. After all, I only have 4 PP left.

Fuck that! Only fat, greasy otaku and tranvestites play ocarinas!

... damn it. Anyway, the ocarina allows me to hear the melodies that I have collected so far.

I am unable to give him mine, as far as I know.

I can read your mind. Of course I can.

Damn straight, I want some pie!

... It's happening already.

One night's sleep later...

This is basically the exact same thing that your sister does.

I won't need this for a while, so I store this for now. How he is going to get this to my house is beyond me.

This is exactly the same as calling your dad. Which is, as I forgot to mention earlier, almost exactly the same as in Earthbound...

Back to the present, in Magicant...

I answer no.

Hello! I didn't hear you come in. That guitar is so loud... I can't even hear myself think. What? I was the one playing the guitar!? I should have known.

The story I am about to tell you now is a real secret. When you become really strong, come see me again. You better write this down so you don't forget it. I know if I don't write things down, I forget them.

After all of this, I head to the palace.

Using Telepathy...

In this castle, there are a lot of gifts. More than I know what to do with. I will work on collecting them all later.

Here in Magicant, everyone is your friend. You can have as much as you like, of whatever you like. What? You want to listen to my song? Sorry, I don't know why, but I just can't sing. I beg you to learn the melody. It is only eight notes long. When you learn them all, return and sing for me.

There you have it, the reason for those three melodies. I still have five more to find, so I must leave Magicant.

But we consider you one of us. With the onyx hook, you can return here whenever you want. Promise me that if you need help, you'll come back. Everyone loves you, Peter.

This whole thing, if it doesn't make sense to you yet, will later on. For now, that's it for this update. Next time, more enemies line up in order to kick my ass, but in this case, they actually do. Seriously, this place has brutal enemies