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Part 1: Ep. 1: Your Friendly Neighborhood Detective

Opening movie! Polsy-fied because of immediate and horrendous game spoilers in the YouTube sidebar.


: You might know me as the artist behind the wildly popular "Special Agent Comics."

: The special agent from my comics is actually my real-life best friend!

: Now, back before all of this special agent business started, my friend was just a neighborhood detective.

: 'Just a neighborhood detective'. Thanks, Buddy.

: We didn't even have our own office, but Chef Gino let us use a table in his restaurant! Well, as long as we ordered something...

: Buddy believed it, anyway.

: Me... well, no, I believed it, too. But I was starting to get awfully tired of waiting.

: Nothing! I just know we could do more.

: If I could just prove myself on one really big case... maybe I'd even make special agent one day.

: Ooh, that would be so cool! I'm going to draw you as a special agent!

The door opens and a blond guy walks in.

: Travis? Yeah. We saw a lot of each other back then.

: I don't know... are you a world-famous master chef?

: Um, no.

: Then I do not have any openings for you.

: Think of it!

: Yeah! Now I'm drawing you as a special agent on the moon!

: Hey, guys. What's going on?

: Not much, Trav. Just waiting for the next big case.

: Someday, my friend, someday...

: Famous last words.

A girl with ponytails runs in.

: Sam!! Hellllp!!

: What's the matter, Poppy?

: Omigosh! Pal! This is it! Our big case!

: Well, I'm not sure that it's quite the career-maker I was talking about.

: Don't worry though, Poppy, we'll take the case. Where's your dog now?

: Please come as soon as you can.

Poppy leaves.

: I should talk to everybody there and see what I can piece together.

: I'm here if you need me, pal!

: Let me know if I can help. I'll work for pizza!

And now we have control and access to our tools! Since we're just a neighborhood detective right now, they're pretty ordinary. Clockwise from the left:

- The crowbar, which allows us to pry open locked crates
- The magnifying glass, which allows us to investigate like a real detective! and also follow trails
- The wrench, which lets us 'salvage' parts from machines

: Good thing I had a badge to make it all legal, huh?

Anyway, we've got a dog to save, so let's head over to the park!

: Well, I was minding my own business here pruning flowers...

: The name's Morcubus, and the little girl is quite simply a sore loser.

: Hello.

: While she spins an interesting tale, the dog is mine! And his name isn't Dogwood...

: No! That name is sad and bad! He's my Dogwood! He's always with me, and was with me right up until this bad man stole him!

Morcubus walks a few steps away. So does Dogwood/Killfang.

: Obviously he is mine! He has been mine since the dawn of time!

: No he's not!!!

: Well, then prove it, little girl!

: Um... ok... well, I know Dogwood best...

: ... and he loves his pink squishy ball!

: Can I see this ball you're speaking about? Perhaps I can...

: ... I lost it...


: Did Poppy always have a dog? I thought so, but I couldn't remember for sure. I didn't get out to the park much back then. And anyway, something I half-remembered wasn't going to be enough to put this case to bed. I needed evidence--

: Next time on MySims Agents: Chills! Thrills! Surprises! A dog's life hanging in the balance! Someone is telling a terrible lie, and it's up to Sam to figure out who! Is it Poppy? Is it Morcubus? Tune in next time to hear Sam say:


: Next time on MySims Agents!

: ...


Sam: Create-A-Sim
A brief clip of Sam being made in Create-A-Sim. Also, a demonstration of what happens if you rotate him for too long.

Gino: No Job For You!
Gino shoots down Travis, now in video format! It'll give you a good idea of what interactions in this game actually look and sound like.

Concept art: Dogwood/Killfang
- by Genevieve Tsai