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by Magnatux

Part 17

The Green Book

Atrus! In the Green Book! He needs the final page for a Myst linking book!

But where is it?

Did I really explore everywhere?
Through the Ages

I linked back to Mechanical, searching the hidden rooms, all four rotations, and the upper floor. Nothing.

I linked back to Selenic, searching over every hill, in every gorge, and all around the tram. Nothing.

I linked back to Stoneship, searching both ends of the ship, the hidden room, the light house, the Myst room, and the two rooms the brothers represent, until I'm reminded of something I saw so many days ago when I first visited here:

The half page I copied into my journal! Of course! Where's the other half though? There are no other bookcases here, or in the other ages, there aren't even any... wait...

Yes! The other half! Now to put the two together and solve this mystery.

Marker Switch Vault Access

Island of Myst

The vault is located in very plain view on
the island of Myst, and access can be
achieved very easily if the simple
instructions are followed. First, locate
each of the Marker Switches on the island,
Turn every one of these switches to the
"on" position. Then go to the dock and,
as a final step, tur the Marker Switch
there to the "off" position.

Marker Switches

Following the message, I made sure all the marker switches were up that were on the island,

and lowered the dock switch.

The final page!


Atrus wants to be alone. That's okay with me, I've got some exploring to do. For now, I'll end this journal, after recording some observations I've made since coming back here.

For one, Sirrus and Achenar are, well... gone.

The book spots have only what appear to be blast marks on them.

The final pages were gone as well.

Although those are the only changes I've noticed, I wonder if there are more...

However, I think for now I'll just relax...