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Original Thread: No man is an island, but this book is. (Myst LP)


Bonus Content

The Game's Actual Introduction Video (Contains stuff our protagonist would not have known)

Log Entries

Log 1-5: The Arrival
Log 6-12: Atrus' Message
Stoneship Journal: The Titanic
Log 13-16: Unsinking the Titanic
Log 17-26: The Stoneship Age
Mechanical Journal: Atlantis
Log 27-30: Spinning Gears
Log 31-41: The Mechanical Age
Selenic Journal: Creation
Log 42-47: T-Minus?
Log 48-60: The Selenic Age Part One and Part Two
Channelwood Journal: Swiss Family Amazonian
Log 61: Changing Channels
Log 62-74: The Channelwood Age and the Final Puzzle
Log 74: Endings
Log 75-78: Finale

Epilogue Content

Exploration Journal:
Missing Channelwood Content
Rime Age (Thanks to Haz)
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