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Part 4: Unsinking the Titanic

Entry 13
A room with a view

Well, Atrus makes more and more sense as time goes on.

I got up from sitting by the bookshelf and went to check the hallway painting. I leaned closer, seeing that those were the books that were in the book case. I touched the painting while leaning to examine it, and it swirled.

The old bookcase trick! You weren't that tricky after all, Atrus!

You were however, semi-paranoid...

A door had closed over the library's entrance, so I went down the hall, and found...

An elevator

As I sat, looking at this, I noticed that it is the same as what the tower is pointing to on the map - the sunken ship!
I must be several stories up in the air... it looks so small... the horizon still crystal clear, not another island in sight.

After not finding the access key by the opening, I turned around to get down from the ledge, and saw a metal plate on the other side of the room, behind the elevator.

A key symbol. Not so cryptic anymore. Up I go!

Dates. Three dates. That's cryptic, or so I thought.

The Stoneship journal had the story, the constellations, and the map.

I've been thinking here for a few minutes, wondering what these dates could possibly help m-

The constellations! It must be! The observatory would let me enter dates and see the constellations!
Entry 14

I jumped down from the ledge, ran around to the elevator, rode down and touched the other painting, closing the bookcase and opening the front door to the library. I ran to the observatory and entered the dates.

Entry and waiting...

More entry and a little bit of waiting later...

Final entry and a lot more waiting. I guess it had to adjust based on the year.

I sketched all of these down as I got them, and consulted the Stoneship Journal.

It seems I have found... another puzzle.

But haven't I seen these before?

By the model ship! These figures are by the model ship!

Perhaps if I wave my hand over, and turn them red, like I found earlier, the book will show itself in the little pool!
Entry 15
Ships in things other than bottles

Well, waving didn't work, so I tried what seems to work with everything else on this island - I poked the symbols.

There was a rumbling. I found myself frozen in place. The island echoed as I heard water move behind me.

That was certainly loud and violent for the model ship. But where was the book?

I thought maybe I missed something in the original journal, so I headed back to the library, when something caught my eye.

Entry 16
Holy ship

It rose out of the water, completely intact. I couldn't believe it.

Now where...

Ah, well, here we go...