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Part 3: The Titanic

Reference Journal

Entry A: Stoneship Journal
I seem to have found one of Atrus' journals. While I was deciding where to point the tower, I spotted some unburned books in the bookcase I thought had been completely decimated. The first one that caught my eye was in the upper right corner of the case, and it had some words I couldn't quite read on it.

On the cover, there were two golden branches with leaves. I opened it, and it told me a fascinating story about a "The Rocks"

It started with a story of one, then two and eventually three boys living on a rock... or rather... a large group of sharp rocks in the middle of an ocean.

Emmit, Branch, and Will. Sounds like fun. Just three guys, hanging out on some rocks.

Newly... created? Age? What's an age? What is he talking about? Is this real? He writes as if this story is real...

How can he write in a ship? Is this... This book must be just like the one I found at the library!

I've got some questions for you, Atrus.

Interesting submersible lamp though.

Ah! Some chance for something that makes sense! An origin for two of the boys! Additional islands in this... age...

I wonder where he made these "changes" from...

And a lighthouse! Atrus the ambitious!

Schematics... he wasn't kidding. Should probably have picked a more solid base though.

Like the ship.

More people! Again he mentions "The Art" what is this art?

I think I will visit this one first...