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Part 15

Walkways and Water

I arrived here, in Channelwood, at the end of a dock, but unlike every other dock in these ages, this one has a tree in the water. In fact, as I looked around, I found that, just like the journal said, I was in a forest.

The journal also accurately described the maze of docks.

What it didn't describe was these switches that were littering the junctions of the docks.

Nor did it describe the pipes... where do these go... perhaps...

Highly Noticeable and Barely Used

Inside the windmill, I found a large tank of water, a pump looking object, a lever to stop the water from flowing into the tank, and a valve. Upon investigation, the valve was the only thing that did anything. I turned it 90 degrees, and water started flowing through the pipes. I went back down to the pathways to explore more.

Future Bridge

I followed path of the flowing water according to where the switches made it flow, and ended up at what sounded like a generator.

It had a lever, so naturally, I decided to pull it.

I walked across the bridge and found a wooden object about the size of a phone booth with it's own generator.

However, the pipe had not followed me here from the bridge, so I followed it back to a gap in the pipe.

I did notice a crank, and started cranking.

I ran back to the phone booth, climbed in, pulled the lever...

and nothing happened.

I got to the other side of the pipe after some wandering, and worked back to the windmill, changing the path of the water so it went to the newly-extended pipe. When I reached the windmill, I ran back to the phone booth across the bridge, climbed in, pulled the lever, and...

It worked!

I opened the door, and saw the myst book laying on the floor after the lights turned on.
Incredible! This wasn't so hard!

...wait a minute...


Reference Point

After wandering around the paths and getting myself confused, I decided to map out the "tree" structure of the paths using an old technique I remember using for getting to the end of "Star Fox 64" when I wanted to find the three gold rings on Venom so I could... never mind. Yes, it's still in character 

I started at the base of the windmill, and always took the left path.

Then went left until the last choice, this time going right.

Left then right then left...




After I was done, I had discovered, going from left to right, a dead end, the bridge to the Myst book elevator, the extended pipe, another elevator, and a locked door on what appears to be a... no idea. Staircase?

Since the dead end, Myst book elevator, extended pipe, and locked door offered me nothing, I decided to switch the water flow to the other elevator. I hopped in and pulled the switch. It took me up to the second floor.

"Tree houses!", I thought, "these must be the homes of the monkey people!". I'm sure these tree houses were the homes of the monkey people, but they are no longer. Running around the entirety of this level shows me only several empty huts with no discernible way to map it, since there are paths running back on themselves.
As far as I could tell, the only things up here were the elevator that brought me up, several empty huts, the top of the staircase (I can see the stairs from up here),

and another elevator that probably takes me back down, though I see no room for it on the first "floor". I obviously need to investigate.
I'm not mad

Really, I'm used to this by now. Getting lost in a maze, searching for a secret door, listening for a hidden sound, I get it, these ages are tests, but for who? Tests for Sirrus and Achenar? Tests for Atrus? Tests... for me?

After some testing of my own, I've determined that the other elevator must take me to the third level... I found the third level when I looked up. However, I realize the problem I must solve. In order to get the staircase elevator to take me up to the third floor, I can't work the elevator that takes me up to the second floor from the first floor where the switches are. The solution? I need the staircase door open.

But where... or did I... perhaps it's time to consult my reference journal...

A map of this level! And...

The location of a lever!

I opened the staircase door, finding that the lever opened both of them, and rerouted the water to the staircase elevator.

Brothers at Last

I stepped out at the third level, looked up once more, saw that this was the top, and looked around. I had two paths to take: Forward and Back around the elevator.

I go forward, searching still for a page, whether red or blue, and quickly come across another room, only this one is enclosed and has...or at one time had, an iron gate closed across the path.

I find a hidden door, and step into the room.
Besides scaring the crap out of me, Achenar seemingly only spoke gibberish. He must have been speaking in the monkey people language.

Wanting to figure out some of this language for myself, I walk up to the altar that I assume projected the message somehow, and start feeling around.

...I think I'll just get out of here.

Interesting. A back door that leads to the other side of the iron gate.

I walk across the bridge to the door of the next room and enter.

In what is otherwise an unincredible room, I find the blue page next to some kind of recorder.


I press the second button, getting the same message, or at least the same language, but...
a closeup of his lips.

Pressing the third button, I get another message, and decide that I can't take anymore of this weird language, and head back to the MYST book with the blue page, hoping Achenar will shed some light on this whole thing.

Channelwood Idol

Back on Myst, I return Achenar's fourth page to him, and get his final message, or so I thought when it began:
 <-You needed me for this one? 

So Sirrus was greedy. He plundered the ages once Atrus trusted them enough to let them have access to all the ages on Myst, and once he was done, he destroyed the ages, all but four. Maybe I should find Sirrus' side of the story before I get that final page though...
Behind the Elevator

Again on the third level of Channelwood, I turn and head to the path behind the elevator, taking me to a large room with an ornate door. Must be Sirrus'.

Opening the door, I step inside.

Other than a few turn over chairs, the room is very nice. He's got what looks like a sink, a nightstand with a drawer,

and another nightstand with a drawer

Found it!
Greed before Freed

Returning to Myst with the red page in hand, I hear Sirrus' side of the story.
 Oh come on 

So according to Sirrus, Achenar conquered the ages, lost his mind, murdered the inhabitants, and destroyed the books. Sirrus tried to turn him in, and they both got locked up.

He also mentioned his final page and a green prison book for me, like his brother did...

Apparently it's waiting for me... in the fireplace...


I sit here in the fireplace, pondering my next move. If I am to help the brothers, I will need to grab the book they mentioned and fill out the pattern. If I... no, I have to help the brothers. There's no other way out of here, or off of this island back to my world.

I turn to the pattern in the book they mentioned, recreate the pattern on the fireplace door, and wait.


Figuring I got the pattern wrong, I hit the red button.

The Green Book

There it is. The Green Book.

I felt a sense of finality, as if this was where I made the only choice that mattered on this island. Everything else was required, but this was the only way I could get out of here. Help one of the sons, or risk my imprisonment in the green book. Clearly, I wanted to go and find any scrap of information, any clue to help me see the right choice, but I simply couldn't. Perhaps the green book led me to another age, or perhaps the sons are telling the truth about the one thing they agree on.

One choice...

One move... red page. blue page. green book. missed clue.