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by Magnatux

Part 14

Entry 61
Changing Channels

I waited for the tower to stop and headed up to the top of the tower.

Like always, I could see the place of protection. That is one really tall tree. After marveling at the fact that this tree was still standing, I headed over to the key, only to be more confused than ever.

Now, this hardly seems fair. What am I going to do with the numbers 7,2,4? It's not like there's a safe... wait a second...


Now, let's just try 7,2,4. No point in a puzzle here.

...matches? Matches? What am I...

Entry 61
Light My Fire

I grabbed a match, struck it on the box, walked over to the furnace, and lit the lighter.

Nothing happened, so I decided to turn the valve.

As soon as I turned the valve, the fire underneath the furnace lit, and with each additional turn, the fire felt hotter and hotter, until finally, the pressure indicator maxed out, and I heard a noise that sounded like gigantic footsteps.

I rushed out of the cabin and looked at the tree, thinking maybe it was the thing that was moving.

Sure enough, it was, and it seemed it was also an elevator...

I climbed into the elevator section as soon as I could, and pressed the button, but it just lowered me down, with a great hiss, like it was letting off steam. No matter how many times I pushed the button, it wouldn't go down past the ground. I thought that there might be too much pressure on it, so...

I ran inside and turned off the furnace, dropping the pressure and the elevator section. As it plopped down, the elevator landed at ground floor just long enough for me to climb in.

I rode the elevator down through what I hoped wasn't going to be a rocky grave, and sure enough, after about ten feet of rocks, I found the book, accompanied by some nice music.

Confused as to how it could have been this easy, I pick up the book. It felt real... It looked real...

Opening it revealed a flyby of the age, and touching it...