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Part 10: Changing Channels

Entry 42
The answer to absolutely nothing

After reading the journal, I bolted out of the library and headed for the rocket.

If the rocket was in the journal, then it must be where the age is stored on Myst.

It has to be the place of protection for this age.

I ran up, passing the switch, and...

Did absolutely nothing. I banged on the door to the rocket a few times, flipped the switch up and down, and nothing happened.

Oh... right.

Entry 43
Borrowing the Keys to the Rocket Ship

To the tower!

Such nice views from up here, but what I really want is on the other side.

59 Volts? I'm no physics major, but that doesn't seem like it has the... potential... to power the rocket. Besides, where am I going to get 59 volts? Oh well.

Entry 44
Lever and Leaver
I climbed back down and rode the elevator to the base of the tower to find something that would power the rocket, when...

I saw a ladder on a tower by the rocket while I was walking away in frustration again.

Certain to find an on switch, I climbed the ladder.

Only to find something that looked completely harmless and unhelpful. I "switched" it up and down anyway, just for kicks.

Upon climbing down, I noticed the blatantly obvious wire from the ship to the tower and on to the green doorway looking thing. I decended the stairs to the door at the bottom.

I pressed the button and waited a minute. Nothing happened. I pressed it again...

The door whooshed open and the lights came on over the generator, just like the first time.

I stepped up to the control panel and remembered hitting too many buttons last time.

The paper on the wall was no help, save the fact that it dismissed my primary concern:
This was power for the rocket after all.

I press too many buttons again and overload the rocket. The power drops to zero.

59 is my obvious target here. It seems anything over, and I fail. I walk outside to flip the switch again, when another ladder catches my eye. This one was right by the shack.

Climbing it, I find the same type of switch. Why are there two of these? I wonder...

...then I give up wondering, and after some careful recording and referencing of the values of the different switches,

I get it right.

Returning to the rocket, the door opens as soon as I touch it. The rocket appears to have come to life with the power I gave it. I get it now, the rocket is merely the shape of the room. It's not at all a real rocket.

Should have known.

To the left inside of the rocket, there was a lever next to five sliders and an empty porthole. Or something. I pulled the lever and the lights lit up one by one, then turned off. They did, however, make a sound. Five of the same sound.

The right side gave me a clue and a glimmer of hope: The piano from the journal was there! I hastily played some notes, and noticed nothing happened when I played the notes in the journal.

Perhaps the keys on the image are numbered for a reason...

Entry 45
The sounds and my fury.

It's been probably another day. I try to remember how they sound. I try to put them in on the sliders across the way, but I just can't remember how even one of them sounds. It's as if the same thing that affected Atrus' journal is affecting my mind. If only there was some way I could record and reproduce the sounds for further help. If only there was a way to get my note recorder from my table in the library...

...if only...

Entry 46
Sound On

I found it.

After squandering what seemed like a week trying to remember the keys and the tones that correspond with the piano, I went back to the dock to search for my recorder on the faint hope that it would have somehow come through with me. I hoped I could find it, and while I was searching, I spotted it in the water. I desperately dove in, grabbed it, and climbed out, setting it in a cool dry place so it would dry out.

I hoped. I waited. I recorded.

It worked
Entry 47
Repetition is Key

I went back to the piano after making sure I had the journal notes right.

I recorded the first note.

Easy enough.

I walked over to the sliders, grabbed the first one, and slid it up.




and Five

all went the same as the first.

Finally, with all the sliders in place, I pulled the lever.

The book... it was in the porthole... but it was just an image...

...or was it?

I reached out to touch the image.

Could it be?

Is it...?