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Part 7: Spinning Gears

Entry 27
Time to say Goodbye Again

After rotating the tower, I went up into it like last time, and found the key along with the view of the gears.

Again, Atrus was cryptic. Fortunately, I thought that the only place that had dates was the observatory, and that worked, so maybe I should go to the only place...

...that has time.

I tested the control box to see which wheel moved which hand on the tower, then set the clock to read 2:40, and...

The engineering of this island is more and more amazing. No doubt the book is inside the tower.

Flipping the switch up, I opened the door, and...

I found another puzzle.

This is most likely the 2,2,1 puzzle, so I just have to get it to read 2,2,1 going up or down...

That moved those two...

That also moved the center, but moved the opposite number...

It's no use! There is no possible way to do this puzzle!

At least there's a reset.
Entry 28
The Wheels Keep On Turning

No matter what combination I try, this puzzle can't be solved!

Left, left, right, left, right, right, left, reset, right, left, right, right, left, reset...

This is almost as bad as the secret passage in the Stoneship Age. I nearly killed myself finding that. There's got to be something I can't see here!
Entry 29
The Wheels on the Puzzle...

Still nothing, more combinations, more resets, nothing. The counter-weight mocks me as it slowly lowers to the ground. The levers are my worthless allies and the reset switch is the only thing in this puzzle that works.

I believe I will now break this contraption.
Entry 30
The Line Between Genius and Insanity...

Success! When I went to climb up on the contraption to take it apart from the top down, I stepped on the left lever and noticed after it did it's initial rotation...

The middle wheel continued to turn!

I quickly solved the puzzle, and everything clicked into place. The miniature gear rotated and turned out to be only half a gear. The inside of the gear was open to air now... I wonder if this reflects the same as...

Yes! Same setup! Same scaling!