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Part 21: Megaman this is not

As Mac promised us, we can now jack his ship to head over to the Focus Tower. There are merchants selling Seeds, Cure Potions, and Heal Potions on the lower decks now, just in case you really weren't ready to go beat the game.

This is our stop.

Music: Doom Castle

Welcome to the Doom Castle. This is the final dungeon in the game, with an apporiately rockin' theme. It's also home to some of the best "glitches" and oversights in the game.

As we saw last update, Shadows are upgraded Ninja. They still have a crazy critical rate, but now they have the added bonus of being able to selfdestruct on you.

You might have noticed that this particular area looks a little familiar. You'll see why in a second.

Time to finally get that chest.

And now, we are a god. No status ailment in the game short of instant death can touch us now, and we have resistance to every major element as well.

It's kind of hard to tell, but the stuff on the lowest level is quicksand, constantly pulling you toward the bottom of the screen. These skulls give you a stopping point so you can hookshot over and get out.

Huh? The hell? I thought we killed you way back in the Bone Dungeon?

Yes, it's Boss Refight Time Skullrus Rex here is a much upgraded form of Flamerus Rex from way back when. He's still really easy (Two casts of White from Phoebe took him through two forms), but fuck that shit.

Going up the stairs behind him takes us to this area, where we can finally open the green door.

As you can probably guess, each of these rooms contains a boss refight after a small approximation of their original dungeon. After you defeat the boss, the barriers disappear and you can head up the tower.

The Ice Pyramid area has us hookshotting around and stabbing statues so we can clear a path to the boss.

Make sure you get up here first, as this switch opens the door to the boss.

Tucked away in a corner of the back room is the second one.

Stone Golem is the Ice Golem's big brother. He's actually gained a few resistances (most notably, he's no longer weak to fire; resistant to it, in fact), but that doesn't matter.

Two for two so far.

Inside the Lava Dome room, we meet the final new enemy of the game. Cerberus are annoying little fuckers, mostly because they resist petrification. Otherwise they're just a beefed up Werewolf who can throw out a Doom Stare now and again.

Refight the third, front and center.

Much like the Dualhead Hydra, the Twinhead Wyvern is a step up from the previous bosses if for no other reason than he apparently got play tested and does not have an instant win button like the Skullrus Rex and Stone Golem. He's actually weak to water now, so spam Blizzard and be on your way.

Last floor is Pazuzu's Tower. Falling down will drop you into the Lava Dome area again, which can be quite annoying.

Last one.

One of the nicest messages in the game.

Zuh, like Twinhead Hydra, is another one you're just going to have to duke it out with. He's still weak to wind, and he's also weak to shooting attacks, so even Phoebe's Bow is worth something in the fight during the Psychshield parts.

Okay, this is it.

Huh. Well, there's a few chests, but no way to get them. Time to check out that statue.

We crystals now entrust you with our power.

At this point, all the barriers disappear and you get fully healed. Not an upcoming final boss, no sirree.

Jesus, that's a lot of seeds. Hint: Not that you should have before this, but there's definitely no reason you should be losing the final fight now.

Next time: The final showdown.