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Part 20: I'm on a boat

Today we're finally taking care of Mac's Ship. Depending on how you take it, you can be done with the ship in about 5 minutes, or you can explore around and check everything out. The music is from the Bone Dungeon, of all things.

This little area is pretty much right above the entrance. Taking this path will take you straight to Mac, but that would be a waste of a lot of experience, especially since you can't return to this dungeon.

B1 has a lot of open pits leading down into B2. Those cracks on the floor will make you fall down, predictably.

B2 itself has a small maze of interconnected rooms filled with enemies. The only way back up is to make your way back to the upper right corner, which can get annoying if you fall more times than you'd like to.

The ship is filled with enemies from Pazuzu's Tower. The Shadow is the only new enemy on the ship, but he's really rare, and we'll get a better shot of him in the next dungeon.

As a kid, I always got confused here because it took me a while to get that "Hey, you can keep climbing up that rope to the next mast."

This little hole always gets me. It's unmarked, and I always end up forgetting about it.

Anyway, we make it down to Mac himself here, but first, treasure!

Gaia's Armor adds sleep and wind to our resistances, which means we more or less have resistance to just about everything at this point. We'll be picking up the final armor piece next update which will remove the "just about" from the previous sentence.

Right on cue, Kaeli comes barging through to talk to her dad.

The Dark King...Prophecy...

With that, Kaeli drags her father back off to Windia. For once, some monologuing was avoided.

Right...put him "to bed."

Great. What do you two chucklefucks want?

Does she now?

And we never have to see them again now. I'm okay with this turn of events. Anyway, back to the inn.

Reuben, get up. Phoebe's not impressed with your little collapsing act either.

Another competent party member? This day keeps getting better and better.

I think I'm in love. While losing Kaeli's petrification resistance is a bummer, Phoebe comes with Water, Wind, Paralysis, Sleep, and what I believe is Drain resistance. She's still using the Bow of Grace, so that offense leaves a little to be desired, but that magic arsenal is wonderful. It'd be nicer if she was a little more sturdy (L37, but her defense is crap) and a little faster, but otherwise she'll do quite well.

Now we can sit here and torment Reuben for as long as we want to. This is a good day indeed.

"The one behind the four is darker than the night, and rises midst the land." You've saved the Crystals, but our real enemy is the Dark King. He's in the Focus Tower.

Right, so from the top, it goes something like this:

The Prophecy posted:

The vile 4 will steal the power and divide the world behind 4 doors. At that time, the Knight will appear. But the one behind the four is darker than the night, and rises midst the land.

That's a really shitty prophecy, if I may say so.

Next time: The Final Dungeon