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Part 4: Aquaria, Wintry Cave, Libra/Life Temple

Aquaria, Wintry Cave, Libra/Life Temple

Steve finally makes it to "This is the Water Town" Aquaria, where the people are almost as emo as Phoebe is.

This guy can't make Cure Potions, but who cares, because...

...this guy can still make high explosives, which makes being a Cure Potion salesman look incredibly lame by comparison. Seriously, this guy is an arms dealer.

I wonder if the Water Crystal is somehow at fault for this?

Okay, thanks I guess.

Arriving at Phoebe's house, Steve attempts to put the moves on her but accidentally talks her into adventuring to save the town rather than slipping out of that provocative full-length cape. This is why you never mention a girl's grandparents when you're trying to score.

Wow, I'm batting a thousand on these predictions.

This woman has a Steel Helm. I don't know why, but the important thing is I bought it. More defense is good, but as with most of the first-tier armor pieces it provides no elemental or status protection.

Do you suppose this can reflect the images of a monster who can turn himself invisible? And is it in any way possible said monster is the one draining the Water Crystal? And might the Magic Mirror be in the Ice Pyramid, where both the crystal and monster are? Nah, I'm sure that could never happen.

Actually, airborne pathogens and unsanitary conditions, coupled with the double whammy of old age and cold temperatures on the immune system, are what made your grandmother ill.

Anyway, to the Wintry Cave!

Having dealt with that little mess, Steve returns to the Libra Temple, where Phoebe gave up on herself until he slapped her around for a bit. You probably remember it as "that room where we met Phoebe."

By stepping on this with the Crest in our inventory, we can teleport.

God, is she emo. "I can't use this teleporter! I give up. Oh, now I can, but there's no water! Oh, fuck it."

Fortunately, Old Man Douchebag is here to save the day. With the Wakewater, I'm sure we'll be able to save Aquaria without needing to save the Water Crystal or enter the Ice Pyramid at all!

Outside the Life Temple is a barren cliff. Note the ship on the cliff to the east. It'll also be important, sooner or later.

The chest in the Libra Temple now has Arrows for Phoebe's bow in it. Because it's about a 10 square walk to the exit and refreshes whenever you leave, it's incredibly easy to restock her ammunition.

Phoebe attempts to save Aquaria with typically useless results. Amazingly, she doesn't give up this time, and Steve suggests they go to the Ice Pyramid and save the Water Crystal, which is what they should have just done in the first place. Hilariously, he somehow knows to suggest this even if you've never spoken to the NPCs in town who mention the crystal or the ice pyramid. In addition to being the chosen hero, he's also psychic. Either that or he's figured out the plot as quickly as the rest of us.