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Part 5: Falls Basin

Falls Basin

Short update, but the video is funny in its own way.

Off to the Falls Basin, which will lead to the Ice Pyramid. It's a fairly short dungeon, but it has a boss in it.

And that boss is a slight bit harder than he probably ought to be when Steve doesn't have Life yet.

Fortunately, FFMQ shows off just how gentle it can be; when you lose, the game gives you a chance to just start the whole battle over. "Are you sure you want to lose?" "What? Hell no!" "Oh, alright then." It's all the fun of reloading a savestate with none of the secret shame (short of the shame losing in FFMQ gives, but hey, fuck Confusion).

I sneak into the Ice Pyramid ever so briefly in this update, only to find it's locked. Fortunately, Phoebe has extensive experience with sticking things into slots until something amazing happens, and this gives Steve an idea.

He hits a switch with his sword and a door opens. Oh Steve, you're never gonna get laid.

Off to the east is a chest containing the Magic Mirror, which causes the enemies in the Ice Pyramid to appear. Without it, you'll just randomly bumble into them like in some normal RPG. After getting the lay of the area, I'll be ready to plow through it next time.