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Part 6: Ice Pyramid, Spencer's Place, Focus Tower

Ice Pyramid, Spencer's Place, Focus Tower

First and foremost, it's off to the Ice Pyramid. This yields a new suit of armor, the Noble Armor, which protects against poison and water. Poison doesn't matter but taking half damage from water and ice attacks is sweet, especially since we're in an ice pyramid and all that.

The boss, Ice Golem, is a pushover even by FFMQ standards. He's weak to fire. Phoebe and Steve can both cast Fire. I think you can figure out how to win this one. I love the way he melts as he takes damage though.

Saving the Water Crystal solves everybody's problems, as usual. Exactly half the world has now been saved! Hooray for Steve!

Everyone's happy, especially Phoebe, who makes it sound like she's a creepy serial killer like Norman Bates in Psycho.

Alright, Aquaria's lame, let's move on.

Down into a waterfall cavern is Spencer's Place, which isn't really much of a place. It's more of a cave really.

Spencer is apparently trying to dig a tunnel from Aquaria all the way down to the cliff where Captain Mac is trapped. This seems like a phenomenally stupid idea to me and it will probably take him longer to dig to Captain Mac than it will take me to finish the Fire and Wind segments of the game and just walk to him myself.  It does! 

I can climb up and exit the cave down here, but there's nowhere to go. The darkened arrow suggests that eventually there will be, but that's for the Wind part of the game and we have to finish the ominous tower dungeon you can barely see to the south first.

North of the Libra Temple, the clifftop is unfrozen and there are new Battlefields to clear.

The nearest one yields the Exit spell, which can be used to warp out of dungeons or instakill enemies.

The second one is more interesting. It features Gazers, who have a self-destruct ability. This allwos us to glitch the game.

All we have to do is engineer it so that a Gazer self-destructs in the final round of the battlefield, killing both it and us...

...and select No, and win the battle normally. This counts as two victories, not one, but there was only one battle left on the battlefield! So what happens next?

This happens next. So much for battlefields being limited.

Going further south, Steve can get to Focus Tower where Old Man Douchebag is waiting to insult him and run away again.

Just north of there is the aforementioned shield, which is very handy. It's got double the defense of the Steel Shield and protects Steve from Paralyze, which is one of the game's most annoying status effects. Now if he can just get immunity to Confusion and Petrify, this might not suck so badly.

In another chest is Blizzard, which will no doubt be handy in the Fire portion of the game.

By pushing the statue into place, Steve can leap across a gap in Focus Tower and exit in the Fire quadrant of the world, where he will be annoyed by earthquakes and the worst party member in the entire game. Look forward to it!