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by Nakar

Part 7: Fireburg


We finally make it to Fireburg, where Reuben sucks. Before we can get to the town itself though, we've got some battlefields to clear. Oh, and moving between map locations anywhere in this quadrant of the world triggers a massive annoying earthquake. Saving the Crystal of Fire won't clean up this brown shithole but it will stop the quakes. I'm a little unclear on why the Crystal of Fire is causing earthquakes, but I guess it's not written anywhere that fire is the only thing it can do.

In one battlefield we get the Gemini Crest, which hasn't got a whole lot of uses but it does have a single handy one I'll note in a sec.

Anyway here's that useless idiot Reuben's dumb town of Fireburg. I guess they couldn't come up with a fire-related word they could tack an '-a' onto, since this is the only town in the game without that name scheme (Foresta, Aquaria, Windia).

"He didn't respond when I said hello or asked him his name. I think he was on drugs."

I hate Reuben and this part of the game in general but damn do I love this town. The neon Hotel sign, the music, it's pretty neat.

This guy sells seeds, though the price is outrageous. They're worth it though, since they're a pain in the ass to stock up on using the enter/leave trick anywhere I have access to at the moment.

There's a band here, which plays a pretty rockin' tune if you tell the girl standing by the stage that you want to listen. Sadly, you have to stay in the lower part of the inn to keep listening to it.

Tristam is here.

Anyway let's go see that fat idiot, Reuben.

Reuben's dad needs to get better friends. I'm a little curious if the boulder was what caused Arion's friend to freak out. "Holy shit, a large rock! Let's book it dude!"

Reuben drags Steve into his family troubles, just like Phoebe (and later Kaeli) does. Nevermind the earthquakes ravaging the land and threatening to destroy the world, we've got to free Reuben's dad from a large rock!

Of course, doing this will coincidentally open the path to the Fire Crystal because this is Mystic Quest, but the point is that Steve is a moron.

Reuben sucks. His sole spell is Life and that's about the only good thing you can say of him. He's got a lot of HP (about 200 more than Steve at the same level, or three big yellow boxes, whatever that means, since you dumb assholes made me use life bars) and a flail, which counts as an axe (this is good) and has decent attack power (also good) but only hits a single target (which sucks). I don't mind Phoebe's bow because she has a lot of magic, but hitting one person is all Reuben does. His armor also doesn't really have great defense, although he at least has fire protection oh his body armor. We'll be stuck with Reuben for quite a while, but fortunately once he leaves he never seriously joins again.

Reuben sucks.

Good advice, but I'm not going to any volcano. Haha, just kidding, this is Mystic Quest.

Some chick sells me a battle axe. I guess you can be stupid and turn it down but I don't see why you would. It's got a lot of attack power, only a little less than Reuben's flail (because he sucks), but we're about to get what is (for the moment) a much better weapon.

In the basement of Battle Axe Girl's house is a Gemini teleporter, which warps us to Steel Helm Girl's house in Aquaria. Faster than going through Focus Tower, at least.

It's a wonder anyone gets any mining done in RPG worlds, what with the constant monster infestations and all.

Arion's friend has locked his door. Nevermind that Steve has a backpack full of high explosives, a battle axe, and a stupid friend with a giant flail, he can't just break the door down.

Fortunately Tristam (who is much cooler than Reuben) has a skeleton key or something which he forks over for no reason at all. See, now that's what I call a good friend.

This strikes me as the least safe demolitions instruction ever offered by anyone, ever.

Unlike Bombs and Jumbo Bombs, Mega Grenades go off the instant they hit something (or travel a short distance), and also unlike the weaker bombs can be thrown at long distances. Obviously, puzzles will incorporate this in the future. Oh, and Mega Grenades have boners attack power for the next part of the game, but sadly this is the last hurrah for explosive weaponry. The third tier axe is quite beefy, the third tier claw is a face-raping oversight of pure amazement, and the third tier sword is just plain badass. So we probably won't be using Mega Grenades by the time we're in Windia.

On the way to the Mines, Steve and his stupid friend Reuben clear a battlefield and win the first Wizard magic for our idiot savant of a hero, Thunder. You may remember Thunder as the super radical spell Phoebe was packing. Remember Phoebe? Remember when you had a useful ally? Yeah, Reuben sucks.