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Part 8: Mine & Volcano

Mine & Volcano

Steve and Reuben head to the mine. This dungeon is short and shitty so it's not worth video or anything.

There are one-way conveyor belts with monsters at the end and these one-way mining bucket things. There are also walls to blow open.

And here's the tier 2 claw, the Charm Claw. It's not very good, but sometimes it paralyzes enemies.

This is the boss of the mines. He's a genie guy with powerful fire attacks. He's not actually weak to Blizzard for some reason, but Thunder works okay.

And we're out. This is a good spot for explosives, although it's probably not worth killing the monsters again to get here.

Reuben blows the boulder away and Arion is saved. Wow. The rock isn't even all that big. Arion was probably just avoiding his son.

The boulder has, coincidentally, filled in a gap which allows me to get to the Sealed Temple.

Inside is Old Man Douchebag who offers perhaps the least sensible line in the entire game, with predictable results.

The Gemini Crest allows me to teleport between the Sealed Temple and the Wintry Temple in Aquaria. The advantage to this is that there are six Cure and Heal Potions between the two temples, and it's very quick to enter and leave. As a result, it's pretty easy to stock up on them and they shouldn't be in short supply from here on out.

New, vague dialogue.

Reuben's parents tell us what we could have already guessed. Off to the Lava Dome!

The Lava Dome is actually inside the volcano, and we have to climb the slopes first to get there.

At first it's a pretty standard dungeon. Note that chest; I'll be back for it.

A typical battle on the Volcano slopes. Reuben spends most of his time asleep, paralyzed, or confused. He sucks.

Going up a screen reveals this. The gas is too thick to see through, so enemies are invisible much like in the Ice Pyramid.

By taking an alternate path up to the summit area, Steve finds a gas mask, which handily...

...allows him to see the monsters. Pity that the dungeon's almost over.

The chest contains a new Wizard spell, White. Which does holy damage or neutral damage or something. It's obscenely powerful, especially against single targets, and few things seem to be strong against it.

It comes in handy against this bitch, the Volcano boss. She loves to petrify and paralyze. She's cheap as all hell, but whatever.

Lava Dome coming up. This one's actually a little interesting.