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Myth II: Soulblighter

by Sevron

Part 24: A Murder of Crows

Tuesday, April 21, Soulblighter’s Camp, West of the Cloudspine

On the one hand, it seems like The Deceiver is full-on nuts. On the other hand, at least I think we can now safely say he’s dedicated to defeating Soulblighter. It’s a shame his idea was really, really stupid. Also, the lack of a map is due to the fact that the narrator doesn’t know where we are.

Let's Play! Myth 2: Soulblighter 21- A Murder of Crows | YouTube

I don’t know where The Deceiver strolled off to, but we’re going to go check out those wagons!

Let's look at the scoreboard:
Kills Over Time
Total Kills by Unit

I gave The Deceiver credit for the kills his converts put up. And re re-met our old buddies, the spiders in the Tain! Although not their larger cousins, thank goodness.