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Myth II: Soulblighter

by Sevron

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Original Thread: No heart, no face, no service! Let's Play Myth 2: Soulblighter



Welcome to Let's Play! for Myth 2: Soulblighter. This is the sequel to Myth: The Fallen Lords, and I highly recommend you at least watch Johnny Law's LP of it before watching this one.

The Pitch
Didn't you love Myth: TFL? If you did, congratulations! You have great taste, and you're in for a real treat! If you didn't, ask yourself why you have such poor taste in video games and whether your parents really love you. Because they don't.

The Backstory
"The Story Thus Far"

It's now over 100 years since Balor first appeared at the eastern edge of the civilized lands. His arrival was heralded by a great comet that grew in the sky and signaled doom to all life. With dark arts he raised up the Fallen Lords, sorcerer-generals like himself, bent to his will and desiring nothing but to lay waste to the living and rule over the blasted lands. Among their number were Shiver, the Deceiver, the Watcher and, most vicious and cunning of all, Soulblighter.

Leading a grim army of beasts, spirit creatures and the reanimated dead, the Fallen swept through Eastern villages and cities, destroying the great capital at Muirthemne and scattering the survivors. They passed the great continental range of the Cloudspine and flooded into the rich lands of the West. Only two of the great cities of the West still stood when our armies rallied.

Pursuing a plan of retaking strategic points and exploiting the weaknesses of the Fallen, Alric, last of the Nine protectors of the West, led a strike through the Fallen lines and directly for Balor himself. In a desperate gamble, Alric tricked Balor into exposing himself and cut off his head. Eluding Soulblighter, he brought it to the Great Devoid, a vast pit in the heart of the world, and threw it in to seal Balor's fate.

Their leadership broken, most of the Fallen Lords were soon hunted down and destroyed by Alric's armies. With Balor's destruction, Soulblighter found himself defeated, but alive and free from Balor's service. He escaped into the wilderness, to bide his time and look for an opportunity to return to his former power, to achieve the ambition that was denied his master.

Now sixty years have passed since the end of the Great War against the Fallen. Alric sits on the throne in the rebuilt city of Madrigal. Warriors have returned to their villages, and allies like the fir'bolg to their homelands. Peace reigns and the land prospers.

History proves there is always a lull before the storm....
(source: Myth at,, included in the instruction booklet)

In other words, Soulblighter got away at the end of Myth: TFL, and it’s high time we settled his hash. Incidentally, the thread title is a reference to Soulblighter himself- he conducted some sort of terrible rite in which he ripped off his face and cut out his own heart in order to gain his powers.

Prologue Video
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This is a real-time tactical game, similar to a real-time strategy. The difference is, we won't be constructing buildings, managing resources, or building an army. Rather, we'll be issued a small number of men at the start of each mission, given a list of seemingly-impossible tasks, and be placed on the wrong side of a horde of the undead and worse. It ain't gonna be easy.

Let’s Play!
I will update once a week, on Sundays, unless I announce otherwise in the thread. If I get more than 5 episodes saved up, I will post an extra episode on Thursdays, but this may well never happen. Future episodes will be uploaded to YouTube and in advance, so that updates are live the minute they post, no worrying about garbled uploads. Please don’t talk about videos that don’t have a post in the thread, but if there are issues with them that I missed, please let me know. If you want a unit named after you, that will be doable, but keep in mind that I have videos queued up, so your name will drop in a few weeks later. If your unit is killed in glorious battle, I’m afraid you’re out of this LP for good but you notice, tell me, and ask to be returned, you can awise fwum your gwabe!.

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