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Part 25: Flight From Covenant - recap

Mission Recap

Game film: LP Flight From Covenant (TFL 1.5)

Another mission with some relatively large-scale fights involving the units we're already familiar with. No ghôls this time in the enemy forces, just a bunch of slowpokes really (with an exception that I'll mention in a minute), but the mission does drop a couple of interesting situations on us by a) starting us out surrounded by hostiles and b) introducing us to the effects of water on travel and combat.

We're trying to escape from the suburbs of Covenant with the Total Codex, The Watcher presumably hot on our trail. "Bah'lal" from the thrall flavor text is the (alternate? previous? "real"?) name of The Watcher, and in the Myth fiction he appears to be the reanimator of thrall, so I guess we shouldn't be terribly surprised to get a metric ton of thrall unloaded on us.

A few other notes about the units in this mission: There's another thing about this mission that I want to show, but it was too long to put into the blooper reel. I'll have another video for that up soon-ish.

Click on the overhead map below if you'd like to see the full-resolution landscape texture.



And the cumulative bodycount: