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Myth: The Fallen Lords

by Johnny Law

Part 37: Extras for Bagrada

Extras - Mission Images

The unused pre-mission images contrast our poor scouts with the bastards back at home base. I especially like the dwarven scout trying to climb into his own hat.

The defeat screen strangely doesn't show a trow kicking the Legion's ass; instead a triumphant myrmidon gets center stage:

Extras - Units


Oddly, if you are controlling a trow in a multiplayer game you can tell it to pick up a large body-chunk from the battlefield. There's no animation in place for this, but the trow will happily stomp over to the chunk and "absorb" it:

At this point your trow cannot pick up any more chunks or do anything with the one that it has. This is probably just a vestigial indicator that trow had a throw attack similar to ghôls at one point in development.