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Part 22: Episode XXI: The Wild Companion

Episode XXI: The Wild Companion

I wonder if dead Shades smell awful. I mean, they're ethereal shadow monsters but they bleed gallons of blood. How does that even work, anyway...? Oh well, I'm sure the residents of The Aerie are used to terrible smells. After all, they're all living in oversized septic tanks...

Oh yeah...we should probably go check up on Kainé to see if she's alright. She got lobbed about a half mile back to the first Boss Platform™ and I don't think lacy lingerie is the best armor against heavy impacts at high speeds.

"And in truth, perhaps death is the greatest comfort we can offer her."
"That's not your decision."
"You don't get to decide who lives and who dies. She's a life. With meaning. And worth. And we're gonna save her. Everyone has something to live for. Even Kainé."
"...Even Yonah."
"Perhaps you should save your pretty words for her instead wasting them on me."

Nier hauls ass across the Aerie to go meet up with Kainé. I guess all the other invading Shades booked it after seeing their boss get its shit absolutely pushed in by one guy. That must be a bit demoralizing, even to marauding monster mobs.

Meanwhile, Kainé is floating in the infinite void where Kingdom Hearts game over screens take place. Dance, water, dance!

Kainé floats off into oblivion. I wonder if she's pissed Nier totally stole her kill against her grandmother's apparent murder that she's been hunting for years... That we probably annoy me a bit.

Before failing to press continue and being utterly consumed by darkness (which I would suppose entail full possession by her half-Shade side) a light shines out and a voice calls to Kainé.

"This woman is more trouble than she's worth..."

Music: Dispossession ~ Piano

"Hmph. I had my revenge.'s over."

"We help you in some mad quest for vengeance, and now you think to bid us adieu? How can a fighter so skilled be cursed with such a thick head? A true warrior would fight! They would give all in the service of their friends!"

Nothing like a friendship forged by beating the shit out of one another then destroying half a town to murder the shit out of a greater threat. Touching stuff, really.

"Then what is the point!?"
"Kainé, come fight with us."
"Fool! You just can't invite her along! There are many issues that must be carefully weighed and considered! For example, how will she possibly affect our overall ability to-"

Music: Kainé's Theme

"Cram it, book."

"Weiss, then."
"Do not abbreviate my name!"
"You're an ass. ...But you're also right. I need to live for something besides...revenge."
"Then you'll join us?"

And so we officially gain as a member of our party Kainé: The Wild Companion.

And Nier also seems to realize he gained a new Sealed Verse from slaying Hook. We're getting closer and closer...

Aerie Revisit Conclusion (Probably worth watching.)

The Aerie Concept Art - The Aerie is one of only two locations that survived from the first draft of the game. The other we won't be seeing for a while, but I hear it is quite the mythical place out somewhere in the woods.

Kainé Concept Art