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Part 60: Episode LVII: Release

Episode LVII: Release

Music: Kainé ~ Salvation (Kaine's Theme)

(Whenever I interacted with Kainé, I was reminded about something from my past. Maybe my mind has been confusing her with my sister this whole time...)

"Here we go!"

Emil unleashes his new powers on the frozen in carbonite petrified Kainé and...

It worked! Hey, howabout that! It's about time something went right for that ki-

Music: Deep Crimson Foe

Ah shit... Almost forgot about the huge regenerating monster that's been locked in the dark basement for half a decade... That thing has got to be pissed off as all hell.

"The beast approaches!"
"Oh, I got it."

An enraged Knave of Hearts explodes from its former prison and is seriously itching for a fight. I think we ought to oblige the abomination...

Jack has...literally not changed an iota since the previous battle with the beast five years ago. It has the same attacks, the same weak points, the same everything. It is just far more aggressive this time around what with having been stuffed in a closet for years on end this whole time.

However, while the Knave has wasted away in darkness, Nier has gotten more than significantly stronger since their last clash. As such, the previously unstoppable brute barely qualifies as a mid-boss nowadays to our one-eyed expert Shade hunter.

"-survive these past five years!?"
"I'm not going to let this happen again. He dies today!"
"My sword feels lighter...!"
"It's not the blade, but the skill of the user! Strike him down!"

What follows is a brutally one sided rematch in which Nier utterly dominates the Jack of Hearts in under a minute and a half flat. A lot of games do the "early boss becomes a high level common enemy/mid-boss" thing. But, it is exceedingly satisfying to take on this thing that gave you so much trouble before and completely wipe the floor with it like it's nothing now.

Nier goes with a pair of oversized Dark Hands to finish off Jack once and for all. But, Papa Nier is entirely over this monster's bullshit.

No flashy blood magic fisticuffs or spectral acrobatics or improvised pin-cushions. This bastard doesn't deserve anything like that.

Nier just takes his dark magic hands, wraps them around the monster's throat, and starts squeezing.

...And squeezing...

...and squeezing until the Knave of Hearts' windpipe is crushed into a fine paste and the once fearsome Shade goes limp in his hands.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the exceedingly brutal end to the Jack of Hearts.

Well, that is one pre-timeskip issue cleared up. Now let's see if Kainé made it out alright from being made of stone for five years...

"Alive... Stay alive... Stay alive!"

Music: Kainé ~ Salvation

"Kainé, you gotta live! You gotta come back to us!"

Hey, look who's back... You know what is probably the very last thing I'd want to see when waking up from a five year slumber...?


Kainé sits up...

"Who are...?"

Kainé gives a rather understandable slight look over at Emil's ghastly new form.

And Emil gets rather understandably embarrassed and upset he's turned into a horrible eternally grinning monstrosity and is probably freaking his friend out. But...

"Emil. ...You were the one calling me, huh?"

"You still...recognize me?"

"Yeah, sure. I knew you right away."
"Thank you, Kainé..."
"Good to see you, Kainé."
"...You look like shit."

Nier helps Kainé to her feet...

"How... How long has it been?"
"Five years."

"Any luck with Yonah?"
"We are still no closer to finding her. We need a way to locate the Shadowlord."

"Lunar Tears...? Did you make this?"
"It's just a little welcome-back gift. It's not much, I know."
"It's nothing like the one Grandma used to make, but... Ah, hell. Thanks."
"Um, excuse me?"

Popola wanders over...

"That's great. Listen, can I talk to you for a minute?"


"Please try to understand. People are tired and scared, and... I'm sorry. I'm sorry you have to bear the brunt of that."
"It's crap!"
"It's okay. We can sleep outside."
"No one's sleeping outside! You and Kainé saved this village, and now they want to run you out!?"
"People are afraid of us. And really, I understand. I mean, look at me. As long as you're still with us, I can deal with it. Right, Kainé?"
"I'm used to sleeping outside."
"We'll see you later."
"We're sorry..."

Kainé and Emil leave the Village. Nier storms off rather pissed...

"Kainé always sleeps outside. I never thought about that until just now. How could I have not noticed that? How selfish am I? What the hell is wrong with me?"
"...We should turn in."

...I didn't get much sleep that night.

I wanted to blame Devola for everything.

I wanted to grab Popola and strangle her.

But anger won't accomplish anything.

They said and did what they did for the sake of the village.

For the sake of protecting it from the horrifying threat of the Shades.


If Devola and Popola are to blame...

Then I am equally at fault.

For not stopping for a moment to think about Kainé and Emil...

Jack of Hearts Rematch

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