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Part 64: Episode LIX (Part 2): What's in the Box?!

Episode LIX (Part 2): What's in the Box?!

Welp, you jerks have decided and it seems we are going to be riffling through the paying customers' belongings! Very professional.

"Have you assuaged your guilt with that feeble excuse? Then I suggest we... Hello. What have we here?"
"Whatever it is, it's been waterproofed somehow. ...And it smells like explosives."
"This is some rather dangerous cargo we've been asked to find."

"What on earth was that old woman transporting?"

Perhaps it was best we were curious as to the contents of the box. Just a tip, old lady...never tell hired goons to "dude totally don't look inside!" a box. Especially this is true when regarding shipwrecked cargo with a very large degree of plausible deniability of the box being already opened when located.

Anyhow, the next container has managed to drift all the way down the trade waterways to the Village's lake just outside Nier's own home. Let's take a gander at what the duo find inside...

"...Ugh! They smell terrible!"
"I believe they can be refined into a powerful, yet poisonous, drug. I doubt very much that they are legal."

"-for? A supply this size could provide for the military of a small country. It seems you humans are incapable from learning from the mistakes of the past..."

The third and final package takes the party to the iron bridge just outside the Junk Heap. Let's see what other illicit materials will reveal themselves, hmmm?

"Ho! Given how carefully they were packed, I doubt we are dealing with sugar!"

Aaand...the third crate is just straight up full of blow... As long as Nier has at least peeked in one of the containers, an option will crop up at this point to look the other way and still deliver to Grandma Kingpin or to turn the stuff in to the proper authorities. Yeah...I don't think Nier would go and hand over a bunch of smuggled drugs, bombs, and poison just for a paycheck.

To satisfy curiosity,  returning the hot merchandise to the client will result in a nice 20,000 Gold reward. It also gives a discount to the Seafront Item Store to the tune of 20% off all items. In addition, said item store begins selling "Health Potions" (100% heal items found nowhere else in stores) for a hefty 8,000 gold. If you do not give into curiosity, this is the only ending to the quest. 

To get back to Seafront quickly with the illegal goods, Nier can just go hop in the lake. He will wash-up on a dry dock...all the way on the other side of the Northern Plains...

Here we'll find the ferryman Popola mentioned. He offers a fast travel method to several locations. This dock is just a short jog from The Aerie, for reference.

The ferry also stops in the Village docks, the Desert over by the graveyard we saw a while back, and Seafront just outside the Post Office. And of course the beginning of the next dungeon. Spiffy.

Sailing over to Seafront and jogging over to the guard at the gate to get our Hardy Boys on...

"Good gravy! This is illegal! ....ALL OF THIS is illegal! Where did you get this!?"
"Well, that's a long story..."
"...Ah-ha! So the old broad finally slipped up!"
"So you are familiar with her little import-export business?"
"Oh, we've been watching her for years. There's a huge bounty on her head in the next continent. We always suspected it was her, but never had proof she was really the same person. But now we've got more than enough to put her away! You have done a fine thing this day, citizen!"

Huh, well howabout that. I guess you jerks picked correctly here. Or grandma mob boss picked the wrong courier.

"Oh. Well, I guess that's good news?"
"It sure is. It was tough on us letting her go free for so long. I've also received word to give you your reward for catching her. It's waiting for you in the post office."

To the post office!

"Let's see, where'd I put it... Oh, here it is."

Nier gets a huge ass 50,000 Gold payout...

"Crap! That's a lot of money."
"Oh, that's nothing. You should have seen the cut those guards took before you got here!"
"That woman must have been among the world's most wanted criminals."

And that is a wrap. Nier got a huge bounty pay-out, the head of a criminal smuggling ring is behind bars, and drugs are off the streets... I think we did some fine work here, folks.

With that, I believe we are all tapped out on business in Seafront at the moment. I think that was enough of a break from adventuring and dungeon crawling...

...I believe it is time to return to where this whole thing began.