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Part 13: Good Ending

Sorry for the long wait again. Life's been hectic lately. But now, at last, it's time for us to see the other ending of Nanashi no Game. Which is probably a bit anticlimactic, since it's not really that different.

Way back on mid-Day 6, when Ohyama was doing his "Ultimate! Joy! Of a researcher!" thing, we could have found this in the church where Asahi is:

This proceeds to change... absolutely nothing until the very end of Day 7, where at sunrise we get this scene:

Video #36: Finished Business

And then everything's the same until the credits, after which we don't get a message telling us that the curse has now been transmitted to us. Instead, we get this:

E-mail from Asahi posted:

Thank you.

And that's all she wrote. Next time on Let's Play Nanashi no Game... wait a second, there won't be a next time. So let me just thank you all for putting up with my myriad technical difficulties as I tried to show you this game. I hope that you enjoyed it, or at least don't Regret having watched it.

So... that's it, I guess. It's over.


Coming... at some point... to an LP subforum near you.