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Original Thread: Let's Play The Ring's Unofficial Tie-in Game, Nanashi no Game!



What is this game?

Nanashi no Game ("The Game with No Name") is a survival-horror game for the DS developed by Epics and published by Square Enix. The premise is that there's a cursed video game that kills you seven days after you begin it. Naturally, our protagonist starts playing it, not knowing what it is, and then has to find out what's going on and how to stop it before that death thing happens.

So, wait, is it actually part of the Ring franchise?

Technically, no, but it's pretty clear that The Ring is an inspiration. There's the "haunted technology will kill you in seven days" premise, obviously, and there are some other similarities which you'll see later. Basically, I knew someone was going to make that joke, so I thought I might as well get it out of the way in the thread title.

Why are you LPing it?

I think it's an interesting game, with some genuinely scary moments and good sound design. Unfortunately it's never been released outside of Japan, and there's no fan translation patch either (I'll be doing my own translation for this LP and adding it to the videos in subtitles). The "real world" portions of the game also have rather annoying gameplay: the player character moves at the speed of an arthritic snail crawling through molasses, and the game is pretty finicky about where you have to be to interact with something, which makes certain parts of the game extremely frustrating. So it might be more fun to watch than to play.

How are you LPing it?

Video with subtitles, mostly. Subs in italics will be my commentary and everything else will be translations of in-game text. However, the beginning of each chapter is an infodump delivered visual novel talking heads style, so I'll be doing those in text-and-picture format at the beginning of each post. Any documents we find or e-mails we receive will be translated in the post as well. I will be informative whenever I have anything to be informative about and may attempt humor in places where it won't ruin the mood too much.

Anyway, on to the game itself!

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