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Nancy Drew and the White Wolf of Icicle Creek

by Microwave

Part 9

I tried clicking on the wolf again but I couldn't get it to take orders, I'm not sure, whatever

Upon entering the lodge again Nancy finds a note


what the fuck is this

Alright it's some photos of a kid with a fucked up face what the hell

God damn it

Well, turns out Nancy is trapped in the sauna and she is bitching about how hot it is. When I'm outside she bitches about how cold it is so there's really no escape from Nancy Drew's endless bitching

You can't really tell but I am looking at the ceiling in the sauna here because I passed out and died

I retried and it turns out clicking on random boards takes you to this awesome pipe spinning minigame

Now I won't pass out but the door is still stuck, but it is suddenly opened up by this fa