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Part 4: Screenshot Update 4: Raj Wears White Socks

Screenshot Update 4: Raj Wears White Socks

So in the previous video I completed a sidequest involving killing 10 boneheads. I'd put a murder pride joke here, but it's hard to feel sorry for something that was already dead.

Also in town is that dapper old gentleman who is the biggest damn liar in the desert right now. His diary is hiding beside a tree at the foot of Old Smoky.

One of the bounty hunts available is an advanced version of our tiger dude. He's hanging out far off to the East of the desert, just beyond the Temple of Trials.

Tiger monster for ant people, I suppose. I wish they gave him white socks.

Outside of the Golden Grove is the next bounty hunt. He's a special monster that only shows up for the bounties. There are 3-4 types of these special monsters, most of them recurring, but this one only shows up to give me an item the Sheik of Spices needs. He is a tree.

And Dumple shoots fire. Easy to see how this goes.

Since I got the spicy seeds during the video, that takes care of the spices sidequest. So now whatever the hell happened in the video should make a little more sense.

Another sidequest I decided to hold off on until now is the lunchbasket delivery. A hopeless romantic wife in Al Mamoon wants me to deliver her hopeless romantic lunch to her hopeless romantic husband. Drippy asserts that the monsters get more frisky when they smell the food that's been sitting in my bag for weeks...

...but I'm kind of not in any danger at all.

I'd like to see a poem by this guy in the grips of heartbreak. You will know "visceral".

Returning to Old Father Oak at this time will net us a few Pheonix Feathers. My relationship with my partners is tenuous at best, so the most these get used is for Oliver himself.

Also HDMI footage looks great unless you upscale it from half-sized images you saved when you weren't paying attention.

Moving on to Old Smoky and the traveler's inexplicably heat-resistant-paper book.

This diary goes through some incredible abuse throughout the game. It's a wonder it doesn't flat-out disintegrate by the end.

Drippy is so hungry for curry that he's eating sand to hold him over.

Returning to the loving wife grabs us the lamest reward ever.

And returning the diary earns us some peculiar armour that only specific familiars can wear. It's not the most effective armour, and I don't hold on to it for that long.

After several weeks we can return to Raj for some curry and...well... already know.

Finally, we close with some bounty rewards.

And two pretty useful Merit Rewards.

The former is self-explanatory. The latter sometimes causes us to pick up two of an item when we forage for them on those sparkling spots on the overworld.

Next time: we will head to Castaway Cove and make a new friend who is actually useful and is not Swaine.