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Original Thread: Let's Do It, Ollie-Boy! - Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Hybrid)



---Game Description---
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a collaboration between esteemed developers Level-5 (Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest VIII, Professor Layton) and famed animators Studio Ghibli (Hayao Miyazaki's studio, though Miyazaki himself wasn't involved in this game). The game utilizes a semi-active battle mechanic and a Pokemonesque monster collecting/battling mechanic to create a fun fight system with a lot of staying power, and some tough and often drawn-out bosses. Granted this means every fight is composed of real-time menus, but I never got tired of it, just some of the fights themselves. And the characters..
The game is also visually gorgeous with a lot of attention to detail, as per Studio Ghibli's track record. The art style combines a cel-shaded look to the characters with a hand-painted look to the backgrounds, all of which blends very smoothly. Occasional cutscenes are animated directly by Studio Ghibli, and references to their films abound. The music is beautifully orchestrated by Ghibli's collaborative composer Joe Hisaishi, and there isn't a piece of music that isn't a joy to hear.

However, fun as the game is to play, it's not exactly fun to sit through. There's a lot of dialogue. A lot of superfluous, unnecessary, idiotic dialogue. By terrible, character-less characters. And most of the voice acting is crap. But hey, that's why Travis and I are here: to mock its brains out.

The story is such:
Oliver is a young American boy with no personality living in an idyllic 1950's suburb, until his mom dies because a witch wanted to kill him. Seriously. The distraught Oliver holes up in his room and ends up crying over an ugly little doll- his tears turn the doll into Mr. Drippy (Steffan Rhodri), a fairy from another world who was cursed by the evil Shadar (Brian Protheroe). Hyper-Welsh Drippy reveals that Oliver is The Purehearted One: the one destined to defeat Shadar and save Drippy's world. To sweeten the deal, Drippy drops a hint that could lead to reviving Oliver's dead and buried mother. Follow Oliver as he travels to Another World to become a motherfucker wizard and possibly turn his late mom into a zombie.

---LP Description---
This LP is split between roughly 85% video updates and 15% screenshot updates for the main game, with videos being primarily dedicated to continuing the story and screenshots dedicated to optional sidequests. Post-game content is mostly screenshots.
Travis (BigTUnit1) joins me as my co-commentator, having beaten the game himself and having more than a few things to say about game design philosophy.

---Additional Links---
Travis' (formerly simultaneous) LPs of Shadow of the Colossus, Sleeping Dogs, and Bioshock Infinite

My (formerly simultaneous) LPs of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, The Legend of PizzaJoe: Majora's Mask, and Survival Kids

Brian Protheroe, Shadar's voice actor, at ReverbNation - Why? Because this guy rules.


Screenshot Update 1: Post-Well Sidequests

Screenshot Update 2: A Bit of Al and Moonie

Screenshot Update 3: Animal Magnetism

Screenshot Update 4: Raj Wears White Socks

Screenshot Update 5: Drowning in Density

Screenshot Update 6: Something About Snow

Screenshot Update 7: Ogrrr You Asshole

Screenshot Update 8: The Frost Unleashed

Screenshot Update 9: Manna Manna


Screenshot Missions 1: Monster Mash

Screenshot Missions 2: Continent Hopping

Screenshot Missions 3: The Conductor's Rifts 1/3

Screenshot Missions 4: Horace

Screenshot Missions 5: Fairy Hunting

Screenshot Missions 6: Solosseum Ranks E-C --- [Video version]

Screenshot Missions 7: Solosseum Ranks B-S --- [Video version]

Screenshot Missions 8: The Conductor's Rifts 2/3

Screenshot Missions 9: The Conductor's Rifts 3/3


DS version streams
These were aired to see some of the differences between our PS3 version and the original Japan-only DS version. We forewent doing a full playthrough because it'd be at least as long as the LP.

Stream 1/3 - Intro, Deep Dark Wood, Getting lost in Ding Dong Dell
Stream 2/3 - Ding Dong Well, King "Frank"
Stream 3/3 - Looking through the real Wizard's Companion, Golden Grove, Ending abruptly

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