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Part 107: Episode CIII: Bingo

Episode CIII: Bingo

Welp. This is happening now. All of the YoRHa ground troops aside from 2B and 9S have been infected with the Logic Virus. It’s the same thing 9S had at the end of Route A/B where getting throttled to death was preferable to it taking over. It also popped up in the 11B’s Memento sidequest, in which a deserting android went from virus infected to insane to stone fucking dead in the span of about 12 minutes.

It’s possible to stop the Logic Virus if it’s eliminated within a minute or two like 9S just did. This is also done in the YoRHa Stage Play. So 2B is fine now. But if you’ve already got glowing red eyes, though? Nope! You’re turbo fucked! Full stop.

Music: The Sound of the End (Instrumental)

They’ve been infected and taken over!

Wait, what!? Attack functions aren’t working!
That’s because of their YoRHa IDs! 2B, I need to hack into you and fry your identification circuit!
Do it!

The YoRHa IFF signals are preventing us from using any attacking abilities against the infected YoRHa soldiers. That’s problematic. Luckily, 9S is secretly dangerously OP with his hacking and can sort that out pretty quickly.

Music: The Sound of the End (Chiptune)

You’d think they would put a bit more restraints on the programming that prevents androids from murdering each other in the field. But here we are...

There we go. 2B can now start team killing to her heart’s content. 9S apparently can self-hack to destroy his IFF chip as well, since he’s freed from friendly fire constraints as well.

Music: The Sound of the End (Instrumental)

The viral infection hasn’t power leveled the YoRHa troops since they were on our side. So this fight is still a Level 51 beast going against slacking Level 20 jobbers. It’s pretty one-sided. At least initially. The trouble is, there’s an entire infected earth invasion force all trying to murder 2B and 9S. Or in gameplay terms, there’s infinite YoRHa enemies flooding in. And those fresh troops HAVE been diligent with their grinding and are all around Level 45-50. This isn’t getting us anywhere.

Alert: All communications are currently being jammed.
God damn it!
2B! I located the unit that’s jamming our comms.
Got it.
Target location data obtained. Marking on map.

Back to the center of the City Ruins crater? Great. That’s the best position to take a stand when an entire army is on your ass. Let’s be happy sniper rifle technology was lost a few Machine Wars ago.

Our new goal is to take out this Goliath Biped while dodging attacks from the swarming YoRHa hostiles. YoRHa troops are really annoying to fight because they don’t have any flashing eye tells for their attacks like most every enemy in the game outside Adam and Eve boss fights. It’s best just to stay out of their range since they’re all melee only. This would be a MUCH more difficult scenario if everyone had been assigned a Pod.

A bit of wailing on a bulky machine later and...

Pod, send an emergency distress signal to Command!
Alert: Connection lost. Unable to reach Command.
Damn it, they’re STILL jamming us?
Negative. Signal reception is clear. Connection lost due to server-side authentication failure. No responses coming from Command on any channel.
Shit. What happened to the Bunker?

Now the Commander isn’t returning our phone calls. Great. Pretty sure she has caller ID... Real dick move not responding to our texts. Oh well, for now all we can do is continue fighting the unending parade of infected YoRHa units.

2B! I have an idea! It’s possible to access the Bunker through a backdoor in the system. I can use that to initiate an emergency upload of our personal log data. Then we set our black boxes to self-destruct and take ‘em all out at once!
...Sounds good!

Dammit, 9S. Your solution to everything can’t always be blowing yourself or something around you up. YoRHa’s budget is already going to be really strained replacing all these B-series androids we’ve murdered. But fine. We’ll defend you as you do your nerd business.

Music: The Sound of the End (Vocal)

50 percent complete!
We just hit 70 percent!
Are you done yet!?
Almost! We’re at 92 percent! 2B! Your black box!

Any time now, 9S. We can go all Musou game on these infected androids all day, but it’s way more dangerous to do so now that we’re in the Cutscene Zone™.

9S attempts to link up with 2B but is immediately deterred by infected androids eager to stuff the nerd in the nearest locker. And then stab that locker repeatedly. It’s a really spiteful viral infection.

Granted, 2B isn’t having much better luck taking on the YoRHa soldiers now that she’s at the cruel whims of the Cutscene Zone™ as well.

Geez, apparently androids can just nearly instantly whip out the Black Box for a speedy detonation if necessary. You’d think there would be a bit more ceremony to tearing out your body’s core...

The patented YoRHa dogpile tackle technique proves ineffective as 2B and 9S once again blow themselves up to escape a dire situation. Well, at least that’s the infected ground troops sorted out...

Music: ENDS

2B awakens back in her YoRHa dorm room. Not sure if there’s some kind of individual android 3D printer beneath those beds in case their consciousness needs to get beamed back to base in the result of their death. In any case, 2B immediately gets up and rushes out of her quarters to find...

Music: Broken Heart (Vocal)

We have to report back to Command.

Yep, that’s super important we report in. We’ll get right on that... in just a minute. Beforehand, let’s take a quick detour. Remember how 21O praised 9S for his fine work destroying all of the anti-air units earlier and promised to leave a reward in her room?

That wasn’t idle chatter. She did indeed leave a nice suite of high end Hacking augmenting plug-in chips for 9S. That was nice of her.

We’ll have to thank her for the gift later. For now, let’s make our way to the Commander to report on Operation Berlin 046 going kinda pear-shaped and ask why the hell she wasn’t answering our calls...

2B? 9S? What are you doing here?!
The YoRHa units on the ground were infected by a virus. We had to detonate our black boxes in order to stop them.
A... virus? What are you talking about? None of our ground units reported anything about a virus.
That’s because all communication with the Bunker has been severed.
And why did you leave the battlefield anyway? I didn’t order a retreat.
We’re telling you, YoRHa has gone berserk!
No... If anyone is acting infected here, it’s you.
Are you NUTS!?

Music: ENDS

2B... 9S... You’re being detained under suspicion of virus contamination.

Welp... This could be going better...

Wait a minute!

<begins grabbing head and screaming>

...Well shit. This could be going a lot better.

They’re... infected!?

2B quickly defends the Commander from attack by the newly infected YoRHa soldiers. They never directly mention this in-game, but despite being the leader of YoRHa, the Commander is NOT a YoRHa anime super soldier android like 2B. She’s part of the previous generation like Anemone and the Resistance members and thus would completely get her ass handed to her even by YoRHa red shirts like these.

Commander? We have to go.

Tune in next time as 2B, 9S and the Commander quickly contain and control the situation on the Bunker with minimal casualties or losses as order is restored and the war gets right back on track!

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The Commander Render - Not sure why she's sporting her Player 2 palette here.