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Original Thread: NieR: Automata - For the Glory of Mankind



"My doctor wasn't very happy about the condition of my liver. But I'm still drinking a lot. I might drop dead at any minute." - Yoko Taro


Hmm... Huh? What do you want? I said I was busy and didn’t have time for any more Let’s Pl—huh? What? What do you mean someone let Taro Yoko make another game? C’mon man... how?! It better not be another goddamn Draken—oh it’s a Nier sequel? I... shit...


Fine... FINE! Goddammit! Let me get dressed...

What is NieR: Automata?
NieR: Automata is an inexplicable sequel to 2010’s Game of the Year Absolutely Nobody Played (GOTYANP™) NIER. Cavia might have fallen, but somehow Taro Yoko keeps getting work. And this time he was given an actual competent development team in the form of Platinum Games. Like their A-Team too. Not the skeleton crew of interns making all this subpar licensed properties like Legend of Korra or Ninja Turtles. Or even the band of cardboard cutouts standing in a room with Hideki Kamiya pretending Scalebound was ever going to be a real game. Like competent people good at making a video game!

I know, I’m as surprised as you!

Do I need to have played the original NIER to enjoy this?
Nope! NieR: Automata is set thousands of years in the future past the original game and has very little to do with it plot wise. It does have very overt references and some returning characters you’ll miss out on. While I’ll point out anything calling back to the original, I will be working under the assumption you’ve played the first game and spoil the hell out of it. If you’d like to learn more about the original game, I heard there’s a pretty good LP of that over here:

And while we’re at it, this is technically set in the same universe as the Drakengard games. Which I also might have LPed in some hazy point in the past:
Drakengard 3

How are they related? Well... It’s a long story I don’t have time to get into here. And almost not as all as far as this game goes. Except for the direct references. But err... Don’t worry about it too much! That was like four apocalypses ago! It doesn’t even matter much anymore. Mostly.

So what actually is this game?
It’s an open world action-adventure brawler RPG twin-stick shooter side-scroller platformer with the occasional visual novel element.


I cannot believe you’re doing a SSLP for this Platinum action game! Please do an LP custom tailored to my tastes!
Analysis: Shits given - 0.
Proposal: Nothing is stopping you from making your own LP or finding a suitable screamboy on YouTube or Twitch playing this, champ. This game actually has buzz. It's not just me screaming into the void it's real good this time! If you'd like to have a series of articles going in-depth on all aspects of the game from how it plays to the weird dumb lore, hi. That's me! And what I'm going to do. This will be more comprehensive than any other motherfucker on the internet is gonna do. And there will be videos for every single part you'd actually care about. If that's not good enough for you... tough shit, hoss!

Or better yet: GO PLAY IT YOURSELF! It is legit a really fucking great game! I want you to go play it if you can.

How do you pronounce "Automata"?
Like "automaton". Auh-toe-mahta.

With that said, let’s begin...

Updates go here in a nice and orderly fashion for your viewing pleasure. Please don't make a mess.

Episode I: A Cautionary Tale
Episode I-B: Not Hard
Episode II: Marx
Episode III: A Real Junk Heap
Episode IV: Engels
Episode V: Black Box
Episode VI: Diagnostics
Episode VII: Bunk Beds

Episode VIII: The Last of Bots
Episode IX: Learning the Ropes
Episode X: Fishing Lore
Episode XI: An Elusive Request
Episode XII: 11B

Episode XIII: Jackass
Episode XIV: Another Life in the Sands
Episode XV: This Cannot Continue
Episode XVI: None Wang Angel

Episode XVII: Pipe Purgatory
Episode XVIII: Carnival Night Zone
Episode XIX: A Beautiful Performance
Episode XX: White Flag

Episode XXI: Pascal
Episode XXII: Urban Violence
Episode XXIII: Mars People
Episode XXIV: Proposal

Episode XXV: Executing Orders
Episode XXVI: The Most Dangerous Catch
Episode XXVII: In the Name... of SCIENCE!
Episode XXVIII: Revengeance
Episode XXIX: Repairs
Episode XXX: Welcome to the Family, Son
Episode XXXI: Family Matters
Episode XXXII: Machine Needs
Episode XXXIII: Hey, Mister!
Episode XXXIV: Existence Precedes Essence
Episode XXXV: Games Are Art
Episode XXXVI: Top Boy
Episode XXXVII: Deadly Alliance
Episode XXXVIII: Pick Up the Stick
Episode XXXIX: Long Live the King!
Episode XL: A2

Episode XLI: The Merchant
Episode XLII: Father's Day Gift
Episode XLIII: It Came From the Desert...
Episode XLIV: Pearl Harbor
Episode XLV: A Need for Speed
Episode XLVI: A Special Place
Episode XLVII: Animal Antics
Episode XLVIII: The King's Turf
Episode XLIX: Carrier
Episode L: Grün
Episode LI: Colossus

Episode LII: Scanning Doubles
Episode LIII: Missing in Action
Episode LIV: The Essence of Humanity
Episode LV: Round 3
Episode LV-2: Team

Episode LVI: Olive Branch
Episode LVII: Become As...
Episode LVIII: ...Gods
Episode LIX: Watcher

Episode LX: Lunch Break
Episode LXI: Electric Boogaloo
Episode LXII: Knack
Episode LXIII: Parasite Eve
Episode LXIV: Flowers for Machines

Episode LXV: Brother
Episode LXVI: Seeker of Knowledge
Episode LXVII: Hack the Planet
Episode LXVIII: Speedrun
Episode LXIX: Nice
Episode LXX: Trolling My Future Self

Episode LXXI: City Escape

Episode LXXII: The Golden Boy
Episode LXXIII: Heritage for the Future
Episode LXXIV: The Flame of Prometheus
Episode LXXV: This Continued

Episode LXXVI: Party Pooper
Episode LXXVII: Look My Way
Episode LXXVIII: Problematic

Episode LXXIX: Reclusive
Episode LXXX: Traveling Fast

Episode LXXXI: 21O
Episode LXXXII: Wandering Gold
Episode LXXXIII: Game Dev QA Session
Episode LXXXIV: Spread Love Throughout the World!
Episode LXXXV: Father Servo's Final Lessons
Episode LXXXVI: A Wise Man Once Said...
Episode LXXXVII: LA NoiRHa
Episode LXXXVIII: Poor Financial Decisions
Episode LXXXIX: Weird Science
Episode LXXXIX-2: You Can't Hug With Nuclear Arms
Episode XC: The Lord of the Valley
Episode XCI: This Sure Is Sad

Episode XCII: Adam and Steve
Episode XCIII: Missile Command

Episode XCIV: Incoming Text Message

Episode XCV: You Got Served
Episode XCVI: Gated Access
Episode XCVII: Glory to Mankind

Episode XCVIII: Rapid Reentry
Episode XCVIII-2: Online Housing Crisis
Episode XCIX: Or Not to Be

Episode C: Onward to War
Episode CI: Like a Kid
Episode CII: War and War
Episode CIII: Bingo
Episode CIV: That's An Order!
Episode CV: Loss

Episode CVI: Please State Your Intentions
Episode CVII: Hegel

Episode CVIII: The Tower
Episode CIX: To Mourn
Episode CX: Shut Up

Episode CXI-2: Reunion
Episode CXII: To Remember
Episode CXIII: Of Course a Japanese Stage Play is Canon
Episode CXIV: The Solution to All Problems
Episode CXV: The Bad Bot
Episode CXVI: Play With Us!
Episode CXVII: Machine Philosophy
Episode CXVIII: An Inevitability
Episode CXIX: pacifism.txt
Episode CXX: I Taught Them Everything...

Episode CXXI: Intel and Inventory
Episode CXXII: The Trouble With Twins
Episode CXXIII: The Completionist's Dilemma
Episode CXXIV: My Memories

Episode CXXV: Die Alone
Episode CXXVI: Family
Episode CXXVII: Auguste

Episode CXXVIII: Atonement
Episode CXXIX: No One Stops
Episode CXXX: You're Tearing Me Apart
Episode CXXXI: Overdue Books
Episode CXXXII: Give Him a Hand
Episode CXXXIII: Grin
Episode CXXXIV: The Ascent
Episode CXXXV: Official Designation
Episode CXXXVI: Meaningless Code

NieR: Automata Intro
Episode CXXXVII: Post Game
Episode CXXXVIII: 3C3C1D119440927
Episode CXXXVIX: BattleBots
Episode CXL: Roll the Dye
Episode CXLI: Bunny Hop
Episode CXLII: House Guest
Episode CXLIII: Naughty Boy
Episode CXLIV: Hail to the King
Episode CXLV: Real Steel
Episode CXLVI: Elation
Episode CXLVII: Revealing
Episode CXLVIII: Failure in Motor Function
Episode CXLIX: Combat Data
Episode CL: Deserving of Life
Episode CLI: My Immersion...
Episode CLII: Spawn Goddammit!
Episode CLIII: Emil's Determination

Episode CLIV: Childhood's End
Episode CLV: The End of YoRHa

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Occasionally I'm an irresponsible parent but... c'mon... This is pretty good.

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