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Part 96: Episode XCIII: Missile Command

Episode XCIII: Missile Command

Music: Dark Colossus KAIJU (Instrumental)

Well that’s new.
It’s really breaking with the sphere head design aesthetic the machines had going.
Maybe it’s got a big sphere head underneath all of... that.
I’m good not finding out where...

Command has decided to stage a direct satellite laser strike on the hostile. We need you to destroy the enemy EMP generator so we can lock on to the target.
EMP generator?
Sending the coordinates to your map now.

We still need to do this first stage of the fight, in which we fight our way to the rear of Grün to take out the EMP generator. Pod 142 lists off some factoids about the last time this machine showed up it EMP blasted the entire coast and it was a real bad scene for everyone involved and it is best not to let that happen again. No shit, Pod 042.

The generator mini-boss is the same as ever. 9S CANNOT hack this enemy. I guess EMP waves extend to blocking hacking signals. I’m sure the science behind that is sound. It doesn’t really matter though because they forgot to buff Grün’s EMP generator in Route B and it’s still rocking only Level 20. Given the damage scaling, all pieces of it absolutely melt within sixty seconds. Shameful design oversight on this otherwise impressive piece of goofy ass looking technical engineering.

Stand by for incoming satellite laser strike.

...Well that blows.
Heh. Having trouble over there?
Are you with YoRHa?
I... yes, of course! You should literally have IFF sensors installed in your eyeballs identifying us as such.
Sorry, there’s KINDA a lot going on right now!

Don’t worry, the Region East District Shrike Heavy Infiltration Recon Team is here to back you up. We’ll handle this!

2B! Let’s leave this area to the reinforcements. I have an idea.
The last time you had an “idea” in a flight unit, we both died...
Yeah... well... Look, you and I should meet up at the spot I just marked.
If you say so.

All the EMP shielding in the world won’t help against close-range mortar fire.
What if it’s got energy shields too?
That is... unlikely. Look, just man the cannon!
Got it.
I’ll help aim!
I’ve got it.
I can use my hacking to correct your aim.
That’s OK...

Time for an actual gameplay difference, however minuscule... 2B gets to run up and aim the mortar cannon. But there’s only room for one on that thing. So 9S...?

He just hacks 2B to help her aim better... somehow? It’s real lame. And he doesn’t even do it right since she goofs it the first shot. Fitting for 9S, really.

2B! Let’s try for a more “direct” approach!
I don’t think we can lift this thing.
No... a DIRECT shot...
But I did hit it directly.
Maybe aim for a glowing weak point...?
Like what...? Its eyes? If you say so.
2B, let’s bomb some Dodongos.
<rubs eyes> Shoot it in the mouth, 2B. The giant glowing mouth when it opens.
Oh. Right. Of course. Why didn’t you just say that? You’re a poor support unit.

Music: ENDS

Welp. That’s round one down.

Time for the follow-up match and the point where things diverge for 2B and 9S. But first we need to go through the motions of setting up the next phase.

I cannot believe I’m going to get a flight unit blown up and drown twice this month...

2B, that thing got WAY bigger and also teleported several miles closer. We need to go... Like now.
You don’t say?!


Hey, 2B and 9S... You all look you’re having a bit of a time. Just thought we’d pop in and help. If you want, I mean. We can go...
No! It’s cool!
Oh, splendid. I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries. That would be rude.

Music: Dark Colossus KAIJU

It was designed to help annihilate the androids in a year when there was a particularly high budget surplus and they went a little bit overboard. It went berserk as soon as we activated it and it reached land. I was part of the machine network when it happened. It was, as they say, a bad scene... All of the scientist machines were destroyed in its rampage, so the best the remainder could come up with was dropping it into the ocean and hoping it stayed down there.
<motions towards Grün> And well... I guess that plan wasn’t so hot...
You don’t say...
Hey, 2B? I think I have another idea! You keep that thing right where it is, okay?
Please, 2B! This is gonna work! Probably... No, DEFINITELY... almost certainly... very likely to work! I think...

And with that, 9S zooms off. So what was 9S contending with while 2B was busy destroying what felt like a dozen EMP generator mini-bosses? Well...

I’m going to see if we can use those missiles back on the shore. But I need you to destroy the EMP unit on that thing’s back. Otherwise they’re just going to go off course.
On it.

Yeah... 9S just has a really uneventful generic shmup segment for a few minutes. His final fight for this section is a medium flyer which I err... guess doesn’t otherwise appear in this event. Yeah, it’s pretty lame. But frankly, I’d rather have a mediocre but quick shooter section than 2B and having to fight three of the same exact EMP generator boss with slightly different camera perspectives.

Activate missile controls. Prepare to launch!

Missile controls engaged.

So as it turns out, 9S wasn’t a huge jerk that performed a danger close missile strike with only giving his allies a five second heads up before striking the target...

He was actually a huge idiot physically riding the missile to its target and forgot to inform anyone the missile was about to hit because he was hanging on for dear life to the side of the thing trying to steer.

This went much better in 9S’s mind. The execution was much different.

Alert: Obstacle ahead. A collision at this speed is not recommended.
Well aware, thank you!

We can kinda control where the missile is moving. But I don’t think it’s possible to go off course or miss Grün. Nor are any of the energy orbs being fired toward the missile capable of doing anything. Presumably, 9S lets go and goes “oh shit RIGHT, 2B!” hitting that five second countdown just before impact.

Music: ENDS

Oh shiiiii—

Dammit! Can you get it back online?
I’m... not even sure how we had that footage or where it was being broadcast from in the first place so... no?

Organize a search-and-rescue party for the missing 9S and 2B at once!
Ma’am, does that include a retrieval of the back-up squadron from North 12C?
Ehh... yeah, if we have the time and someone comes across one of them, I suppose that’s fine.

And that concludes Chapter 7B of NieR: Automata. Tune in next time for something completely different, as we get 9S's perspective in the chapter when he was... boxed up in a wall in Adam's weird cube city. But before we depart from this session, there's one final additional scene...

The child held sway over enormous strength. But sadly, he was also a little bit broken... He spent his long days hurting those around him. He tried his best to be good and kind. But despite his efforts, things never seemed to turn out.

They told him he was unwanted. They abandoned him in the deep, dark ocean.

And from the cold at the bottom of the sea, he cried out... Mother...

Mother... Mother... Mother... But his voice never reached his mother.

Video: Episode 93 Highlight Reel
(You should probably watch this.)

Submerged Grün Concept Art – Poor form. You’re going to throw out your back like that.

Grün Concept Art – Nobody likes getting assigned to the Grün factory.

Early Grün Concept Art – We called it... Sin.