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Part 25: Episode XXIV: Proposal

Episode XIV: Proposal

Welp, the machine boys learned pants. However, their mastery of belts and buttons aren’t quite there yet. But I’m going to guess that’s probably not what they’re here to discuss...

New Music: End of the Unknown (Quiet)

2B, 9S... I’m not quite sure of this questionable tactic of jumping to opposite ends of the room and assuming battle stance on a 2D plane. That seems an unnecessarily convoluted play.

2B! Look out!
My name is Adam. The aliens you seek are no longer here. They were wiped out centuries ago. ...By us. The machines.
Wiped out?
And who knows? Perhaps we’ll wipe out the androids next.

New Music: End of the Unknown (Dynamic)
(You should listen to this Tekken ass boss jam.)

We took on Adam last time. I guess it’s time we did battle with Eve this go around. Though, I suppose... “battle” is a strong word. There is a fight about to go down but it is actually more of a glorified cutscene. We can do damage to Eve. Eve can straight up kill 2B if she’s not careful. But the battle itself is just window dressing for the civil discussion Adam is having with the androids and it is impossible to win until everyone is done saying their piece.

That said, right out the gate Eve just fucking Shoryuken’d 2B across the arena. Hell of a first hit! I’ll give you that one, boyo. This fight is restricted to a 2D plane with 2B vs Eve in the front and 9S vs Adam in the back. All of those fighting game allusions I made in the first Adam fight are just straight up true now in this 2v2 bout. But with that in mind, Adam just taught most of his fighting game moves to Eve. There’s not actually any new moves present in this battle. If anything, they’ve forgotten some from the previous match up.

Honestly, all there is to this fight is don’t get punched/kicked in the face, attack Eve if he leaves himself open just to stun him for a bit and avoiding his parries because he’s WAY more on the ball with that than newly born Adam. And I suppose don’t die before this conversation ends... That’s literally it. It’s a glorified cutscene where you can die if you’re particularly bad at the game (or are playing on Hard.)

Machines are weapons capable of evolution. We can grow. We can become... aware. Eventually, the intelligence within our network began to surpass that of our creators. You’d probably be surprised at how quickly it happened.
You destroyed your own creators!?
Oh, there’s no need to fret about them. They were simple. Infantile. Almost like... plants, I guess you’d say. They held no value to us. But the humans on the moon? Now THEY are interesting.

Why them?
Because they are an enigma! They killed uncountable numbers of their own, and yet loved in equal measure! It’s fascinating, don’t you think? What could possibly drive such behavior? We have dedicated ourselves to unraveling this riddle of humanity... And now we will allow you to assist us. You were made in their image, after all.
Assist you with what!?

It’s simple... We need you to locate the humans on the moon and bring them to us. We will then dissect and analyze them in order to drag their secrets forth into the light! Surely you see the attraction in this.
Are you insane!? We’d never do that! Can you believe this, 2B? This guy’s bonkers!
Well. I suppose this concludes negotiations. The only remaining option... is to destroy you. The same way we destroyed these pathetic little aliens.

And with that line, diplomacy has failed and the battle is concluded. Hey! We Leveled Up for not betraying humanity to a shirtless boy band. How about that!

As for your beloved humans... I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

And with that, Adam and Eve peace out of the alien ship. You know guys, if you wanted to go to the moon to see what the deal is with humanity maybe you shouldn’t have smashed all of your creator’s spaceships during your whole “NO FUCK YOU DAD!” genocide... Just sayin’...

Music: Widespread Illness (Vocal)

Yeah. We’d better get back to the Bunker.

Welp. That concludes our time dealing with the aliens and their hidden base. There’s literally nothing left to it. Not even any loot. Sorry, no Mars People blaster accessory for Pod 042 or interesting lore logs about the aliens' history and the early days of the invasion. They're all long dead centuries before the game began and the machines killed them. That's it for their role in the story! Those shriveled up dicks are the closest we're ever getting to alien contact.

Stop complaining.
Yeah, yeah.

Shortly after leaving the alien bunker, 2B receives a radio transmission...

We now have an operational transporter in the city ruins. We’re attempting to deploy them at other points as well.
About time we had access to those!
Care to fill me in?
Transporters? They let you transfer your consciousness to a temporary body back in the Bunker. I heard some tech guys talking about it a while ago, but I didn’t know they’d finally got it working. Anyway, I’ll mark the positional data on the map.

Blah blah blah. Just say “fast travel” 9S. You’re talking about fast travel. It’s finally here! All we need to do is make it to the end of this big ol’ hole we initially jumped into.

Someone was nice enough to install a ladder in case 9S and 2B ever wanted to, ya know, climb out of the hole they hastily jumped into earlier. That was kind of ‘em. There could have just easily been a bad ending of 9S and 2B trapped at the bottom of a big ass hole because they were too dumb to prepare an exit strategy. We should probably thank the helpful android in question. And that would be...

You again...
Your commander told me to build a new access point, so... here ya go. Oh, and I got the stupid transporter up and running too.
Um, thank you?
I’ve known the Commander for a while now. She sure is good at pawning work off on people. Next time you see her, give her some lip for me, will ya?

Still, transporters ARE pretty handy! They’re WAY faster than flight units when it comes to travelling between Earth and the Bunker. Flight units also leave us open to attack, and they’re expensive to operate, too.
You should be able to zap yourself here from other transporters now.
You’re certainly... active in a lot of areas, aren’t you?
Shut the hell up. ...You’ll make me blush.

Yep. Jackass is the best android. Any of your other android choices are wrong. Anyway, let’s take a look at our handy-dandy new upgraded Access Point!

We now have access to a teleport back to every single Access Point/Save Terminal that we’ve activated up to this point. That’s why I’d been going out of my way to point ‘em all out so far and be diligent in activating them all. This makes getting everyone a hundred times quicker and easier. Which also means it’s probably time to tackle some sidequests we’ve been putting off. And BOY have a lot of ‘em unlocked right about now.

But that’s a story for another day. For now, we’re going to return to the Bunker as Chapter 5 draws to a conclusion. Tune in next time for mission reports and a whirlwind trip of quest options I’ll let you all decide on, next time as NieR: Automata continues!

Video: Episode 24 Highlight Reel
(It’s a pseudo-boss fight and first proper discussion with the main villains. You should PROBABLY watch it.)

Alien Ship Graveyard Concept Art – Nice job half-assing it on smashing up all the ships up after the alien genocide, Marx. No wonder you’re just arms for Engels nowadays.