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Part 52: Episode LI: Colossus

Episode LI: Colossus

New Music: Grün Dark Colossus [KAIJU]
(Go listen to this.)

Right, then. Where were we...? Oh... That’s right. Grün stood-up and revealed himself to be a slightly larger boy than first thought to be. Also Pascal decided to go check up on what the ruckus was in the ocean and lend a hand. Being that he’s a pacifist and all, Pascal won’t be actually joining in this fight. Which is unfortunate considering he was about to single-handedly cliff-hanger grab a 30 ton mecha-jet. But the nice robot uncle will still hang out and provide some backstory on Grün while we continue the fight.

It was designed to help annihilate the androids, but it wound up going out of control. I was part of the machines’ network when it happened, so I remember it. The moment it reached land, it went berserk and began attacking everything in sight. No one could figure out how to stop it. We eventually marooned it deep in the ocean, but it seems to be searching for a way back.

For the time being Grün is still busy getting his sea legs and ignores us. It serves as little more than a backdrop for trashing more Flyer units. Eventually, 9S chimes in with a suggestion on how to take down this thing before it makes it to shore and EMP blasts the city. That would be a touch problematic for both sides of the war...

I think I have another idea! You keep that thing right where it is, okay!?
Please, 2B! This is gonna work!

And with that 9S is out! This had better be good. There’s a lot of Flyer units that don’t seem to mind too much about EMP or the rampaging doombot in the background. Pod 042 has some issue with 9S’s plan. Or lack thereof one with a proper explanation attached.

Proposal: 9S should be reported to Command as a deserter.
No! He has a plan. Just hold on.

Pod 042 takes mission boundaries very serious during combat operations. Anyway, while 9S is off doing... whatever, we’ll just busy ourselves blasting more fliers. By the way, Pascal is with us the entire time. Can YOU spot him in this clusterfuck? As I know I’ve wasted time firing in his direction more than a few times because he’s near indistinguishable from enemy fliers when things get really hectic. Sheesh, Pascal. Couldn’t you like paint yourself green or wear a flashy hat? I know you machines can wear hats. That prick Jean-Paul proved that much...

A minute of blasting endless waves of machines later...

I’m going to see if we can use those missiles back on the shore. But I need you to destroy the EMP unit on that thing’s back. Otherwise they’re just going to go off course.
On it.

2B’s flight unit will adjust its auto-scrolling path to the appropriate destination, where we find another one of these EMP generators on Grün’s butt, for a lack of a better term. Upper spine, maybe? I don’t know of this thing has a functional buttocks...

This battle is no different from the previous EMP generator. I mean why would you install different configurations of a weapon on the same giant robot? That just seems fiscally irresponsible. The only slight alteration in tactics from destroying EMP generator #2 is the camera angle gets somewhat goofy and since the shmup sections have no z-axis, we can only hit the generator’s weak points at arbitrary spots. That is, unless we use the Missile Pod C. In which case it can lock-on while the glowing yellow weak points are out of bounds and proceed to do barely any damage worth mentioning because the missiles are slower than hell.

Grün takes issue with 2B’s abuse of his ass and swats her away with one of its goofy tentacle arms. This doesn’t actually do any damage. It’s just an excuse to knock her back so more Flyers can take turns plinking away at the android.

After quite a bit of fighting, 2B manages to make her way to the back of Grün again for another round against an EMP generator. Pay no mind to those active ones lower on its back. Everyone knows the EMP devices on the head and butt are by far the most potent.

Again, this fight is exactly the same as the other two EMP units we’d taken down. Only at an even odder camera angle. However, the destroying of this EMP generator has a different result...

...Hey 9S. Buddy... Partner... Did you... didja launch the missile without telling us, pal? Cuz that timer looks like it says five seconds. You do know that 2B and Pascal are like right next to this thing still...

9S... You uhh... you there, bud? Aww fffff—

Alright. Nice job, 9S. You blew up the giant robot with the missile. But also...


Music: ENDS

...Is that good? That’s probably not good. 9S, I’m gonna be very cross if you killed Pascal and 2B like a dingus because you forgot to warn them about the missile being launched.

The Operators follow the Commander’s orders and begin furiously typing into Google for possible leads on 9S and 2B’s status.

In any case, that concludes Chapter 07: Lost Child of NieR: Automata. Tune in next time for some old faces and some strange places in Chapter 08: Copied. Expect a large upward tick in things getting weird shortly...

Video: Episode 51 Highlight Reel
(You should watch this. As soon as Youtube finally finishes processing it...)

Flight Unit Concept Art – Reminder that Pascal had no problem grabbing one of these flying through the air. He’s a very strong robot uncle.