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Part 137: Episode CXXXII: Give Him a Hand

Episode CXXXII: Give Him a Hand

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We’ll worry about A2 dealing with that spider-bot some other time. For now, we’re gonna check back in on our boy 9S to see how he’s hanging since a copy of the only person he ever cared about exploded in his face.

Honestly, he’s looking alright all things consid—

...Alright. Now that might be problematic.

While rolling around in pain, 9S notices one of the 2B corpses fell through the floor with him.

9S, I know you’re having a rough time lately. But this is really skirting the line between sad/touching and also real creepy. Maybe you should think about doing something about that sparking arm stump of yours.


Jesus Christ 9S! That’s not what I meant!

I can’t stop... Have to keep fighting...

Music: The Tower

Alert: Virus detected in locomotion region. High probability that infection source is transplanted parts from corrupted units. Proposal: Hack into self and eliminate virus.
On it...

Alright, 9S. It’s time to hack yourself to sort out the virus. That seems a suspect solution. But what do I know about robots from thousands of years in the future?

If you’ll recall way back to early Route B, this is the same internal diagnostics set-up 9S had when he was repairing himself up on top of Engels. Only this time there’s some pesky defense units and a core that needs to be sorted out to get rid of the Logic Virus contamination.

Virus eliminated.
<tests out borrowed arm>
Ninety-five percent of functionality restored.

OK. We’re back in business. Before we move on through the path ahead, there’s a very sneaky final locked treasure chest just behind the wreckage where we began. A brief hack later and we receive the last hacking box treasure chest along the main plot path. Let’s take a look...

Given that 3361 was the first half of NieR 1, it seems as soon as the Shadowlord finally got fed up and went “fuck y’all, I’m getting my daughter back” they already knew Devola and Popola had screwed the pooch handling that whole thing and Project Gestalt was toast.

Anyway, now that 9S is officially rearmed, it’s time to get back to the fight. There is just one tiny little problem...

YoRHa unit 9S!
YoRHa unit 9S!
Welcome to the Tower!
Welcome to the Tower!
You bastards...!

<voice changing from pleasant Tower System Services to Master Control Program from Tron> Because you made it this far, we have a special announcement just for you...
We’ll reveal it once you destroy all the machine lifeforms here.

New Music: A Beautiful Song (Instrumental)

Alright, 9S? Ready to do some more machine killing?

Of course you are! What a silly question. The slaughter must continue until they’re all dead.

And boy are there a lot of ‘em. Stubbies, Medium Flyers, Medium Bipeds... Axeboys, Spearboys, EMP dudes. They’re all lining up to become as gods.

But, it’s nothing 9S can’t handle at this point. He’s killed enough machines to fill a scrap yard. After this is all settled he’s going to get himself a dog shaped robot companion and open up a scrap business selling to the Resistance. Mhm.

You did it.
Now let us show you what we promised.

Music: ENDS

And here’s our reward: An intel file. They don’t actually give us time to read it. It’s just inserted into our archives. But let’s pause for a moment and see what we’ve got...

Welp. The backdoor to the Bunker leading to everyone’s infection with the Logic Virus and the deaths of everyone in YoRHa was the actual end goal of the project. Androids would eventually start asking about humans on the moon if YoRHa was supposedly in direct contact with ‘em and would probably starting going “HEY, wait a minute...” if nobody from YoRHa had actually met a human before. So just kill anyone that knew the truth by having the machines intentionally infiltrate the system and infect everyone and there’s that loose end sorted out.

It’s worth noting that this file was erroneously packaged along with the info about the Black Boxes back in the Soul Box Resource Unit. So it was really confusing when you received the same Intel file twice and 9S only flips his shit at YoRHa being set-up to die this time.

Oh right, we haven’t gotten to 9S’s reaction. Spoilers...

This is Project YoRHa.
That means all of us... 2B...

Now you know everything.
Do you still wish to fight?


Welp. I guess you’ve got your answer. The path the Red Girls blocked earlier to reveal themselves reopens.

Music: The Tower

We cannot be destroyed. YoRHa unit 9S... Your attack is meaningless. Your existence is meaningless.
Shut up!

There’s one final challenge left before 9S takes on the final bosses of Route C. If there’s one thing 9S has done more than fall down assorted holes, it is...

Keep ‘em coming... I’ll destroy them all...
All of them... AND this Tower!

...Destroying Flight Units. Remember those jerks who shot down 2B way down the beginning of Route C? We never did sort them out. It’s time to fix that... permanently.

Flight Units have all the capabilities they did back when we were using ‘em regularly. They’ve got a wide swipe attack with their blade that is fairly easily telegraphed.

They can dump Gatling bullets in 9S’s general direction to very little success. Turns out those things weren’t made for anti-personnel fire and are wildly inaccurate at close range.

The Flight Units can also unleash their inner Macross and launch a missile barrage in 9S’s general direction. Thankfully, these are also rubbish at close range and are easily evaded by just moving in any direction.

Lastly, the Flight Units can utilize a concentrated laser blast. They did that back during the Bunker escape sequence too. Funny, I don’t remember being able to do that when we controlled Flight Units. But then again, the enemy Flight Units aren’t trying kamikaze attacks against 9S so I guess it all evens out in ability disparity.

Flight Units can be hacked and blown to bits just like anything else. In fact, since these things, like everything else from YoRHa, haven’t bothered leveling since the Bunker’s destruction they’re not particularly a great threat since they’re all lagging a dozen levels behind Hackerman.

A few more waves of Flight Unit reinforcements float in to help but none of them are a match for a very pissed off 9S. All are destroyed in short order. That is...

...except for the very last one, which conveniently just gets disabled.

Take a hike, bitch! 9S is committing Grand Theft Mecha. He’s got more killin’ to do.

Tune in next time as we return to A2’s adventures in the Tower as the Machine Terminal Red Girls Trollfest ’45 continues.

Video: Episode 132 Highlight Reel
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Red Girls Official Art – Fun fact: All young girls in red dresses are huge assholes.