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Nightmare Creatures

by Fiendly

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Original Thread: London calling to the underworld - Let's Play Nightmare Creatures



This is indeed the horror classic whose name you likely haven't heard in twenty years. Does it hold up? Absolutely not. Join me if and only if you wish to see how poorly-made a game could be and still find an audience back in the early days of survival horror.

Also recommended for your viewing pleasure is the LP of Kalisto's The Fifth Element, which puts the Nightmare Creatures engine to a much less polished and enjoyable use.

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01 - Chelsea
02 - Spitalfield
03 - Thames Tunnel
04 - India Docks
05 - Highgate Cemetery
06 - Hampstead Heath
07 - Queenhite Docks
08 - City
09 - Smithfield
Bonus - Cheats
10 - Regents Canal
11 - London Zoo
12 - Marylebone
13 - Bloomsbury
14 - Pimlico
15 - Westminster
16 - Westminster II



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