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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 5: Turn 1 - Soviet Org Phase: Production Problems

The Soviet Southwest Front (5-3) recovers a bit behind the lines and gets immediately sent north to Minsk. It remains disorganized and unable to mount a counter-offensive, but the STAVKA hopes they can fight a delaying action in the city at least.

Next, they channel the incoming influx of volunteers and reservists to form two new armies, hoping to bolster the ranks of the Northwest Front (3-3) after the disaster of the border battle.

They find, however, that they barely have anything to fit those armies with - particularly armour and artillery are simply unavailable on hand and the production has been stalling in recent months. It appears that to get the Northwest out there on the front line the STAVKA will have to devote extra resources to priority requisitions of equipment from most of the European part of Russia.

The Germans play Production Problems, effects of which are fairly self-explanatory. The STAVKA has to decide whether or not they want to pay one more card to replace the Northwest Front - and if so, what card that will be. They have 24 hours for this.