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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 10: Turn 2 - Axis Movement Phase: Continuing On

So I've received no word from Herpicle or Davin regarding the 2nd Army, but after a little thought I've come to a conclusion that putting those guys all the fuck away in Berlin would be kind of a dick move, since it might be due to something important in real life (even if they could still get 2nd Army back to the front with rail move, that would effectively prevent it from taking part in any action this turn). That's why I've decided to randomly place them in one of 4 cities near the border: Koenigsberg, Warsaw, Lublin or Bucharest. That way they still suffer some negative consequences, since they might have envisioned a different role for the unit, but I guess they can still salvage it somehow.

Anyhow, it landed in Lublin and is thus added to Army Group South.

It's time to press on! I need movement orders for AGS from HerpicleOmnicron5 and for AGN and AGC from Davin Valkri. The deadline for these is Tuesday, 7 PM GMT.