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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 61: Turn 9 - Soviet Org Phase: The Aftermath

Turn 9 (September/October 1942), Axis Detraining Phase

The Soviets release the 3rd Byelorussian Front from their Strategic Reserve near Tula. From this position, it can aid any of the attacks planned by the Stavka and make a significant difference at how the war is going in this area.

The Soviets have two cards in hand and don't need to discard. They draw 4.

Everything is in order.

The Soviets may now Upgrade any of their brown counters (except the Cadre, which only has one side, and the Crimean Front, which cannot trace an Overland Supply Path and is only supplied from sea). If they do not use this upgrade on the Moscow Regional Infantry Unit, they can then fortify it at a cost of one card discard. They can also flip any of their Fort units back to their Regional Infantry side.

Afterwards, they receive one new unit, the Don Front. It can be placed in any Soviet-controlled City other than Sevastopol (which cannot trace an Overland Supply path).

There are a bunch of troops in the Destroyed Units Box. Replacing any of them costs one card per unit. The exception is the 1st Byelorussian Front, which costs 2 cards. These units can be placed wherever the Don Front could, but they can also replace the Ostatky 1 unit (in which case they do not arrive Disorganized).

Finally, the Soviets may also pay 1 card per Disorganised unit to instantly remove the Disorganised marker (if they don't, it will go away on its own during the Removals phase).

I need discards and placements from Fangz. He may also now move units from one sector command to another. Remember that new units should be clearly earmarked for specific sector commanders. The deadline for this is Tuesday, March 4, 7 PM GMT.

Oh, and one more thing. Due to acute liver problems WOUNDS FROM GLORIOUS COMBAT, General-mayor Hipster Rooster is unable to take part in command councils of the Stavka any more. He is therefore relegated to Front command and will take over the duties of Central Front's commander from here on out... after his brief stay in a prison camp HOLIDAY RESORT near Irkutsk SOCHI.

He is replaced as the commander of the Crimean Sector by C.., now promoted to General-mayor.

What is more, for his failure in maintaining the encirclement of the fascist armour, Polkovnik Gradenko is removed from command of the 1st Byelorussian Front. But his superiors like him, so he gets a choice.

Tell me, Gradenko. Where do you not want to go?